downloading from putlocker and sockshare

i need to download iron man but i cant coz its divx any help pls


I installed Format Factory file converter on my pc. I open the putlocker link and below the movie I click the download link. It is free so long as you dont click the "download for mobile" link. Then I open the file with Format Factory and convert it to any video file I need. Usually AVI. or MP4. so I can view on pc and mobile device.
Also it this is against the rules please let me know and I will remove this post. Also Format Factory is free, so use a trusted site to download.


I will advise against this for one reason. IF your are on a proxy or you use a torrent source you can qualify for the USA's 6 strike law. I will not remove this thread by my own means but heed my warning. This is non internet wisdom but still applies in the right context. "Say it, forget it. Write it, regret it." These topics are Taboo


If you have linked to a video on a server, and are streaming it, you are downloading it. Whether or not you save the info in a video/audio shell, you have still downloaded it.