Pay Day The Heist Web Series

Hi JosephRJones -- Is this the IMDB link for the show you're requesting?

If so, it may be able to set it up and populated on Solar, but there would have to be links to hosts other than YouTube in order for links to be added outside the forum (or outside of PMs). Last time I checked, YT links weren't approved for official adds.

IN the meantime, here's a YT link to episode 2 of Payday.


Can NOT be added to the site
until it has Episodes listed on IMDB as ID#'s.
Such as if this was an episode(2051951)

Doesn't air until 2014.

Payday: The Heist (2014)
Genre: Action
Release DATE: (25 December 2014) (USA)
(Not yet released)

Director:Demian Lichtenstein
Writer:Andra St. Ivanyi

A modern day Robin Hood story based on the award winning, cult favorite Sony online video game PAYDAY: THE HEIST. The president of a corrupt global bank joins his estranged brother and a team of ex Navy SEALS to rob his own bank and pull off the biggest financial heist in history while a beautiful, tenacious Federal agent closes in on them.

Only thing you can do is create thread and add youtube or Putlocker links there/here.