Please read the following rules carefully before using SolarMovie or posting any comments.


The rules are formed by the owners and the staff members of SolarMovie, enforced by the moderators team and must be followed! A violation of the rules will lead to a warning; multiple violations will lead to a ban, account removal and even a possible IP-ban.

The Moderator Team are the representatives of the site owners and have the ultimate power on the website. Moderators are here to help in keeping the website clean and working, so please respect their work and contribution! The Moderator Team is picked from respected users by the site owners and lots of decisions are left on their discretion. Nevertheless if you see that you are being treated unequally or abused by a certain moderator please report it to

Always provide your nickname when asking for help from SolarMovie team. If you don't remember your nickname use "Forgot Password" feature to login and find your nickname.

imarobot is a service bot, so there is no need to send him messages or report him to the staff as an abusive moderator. Still you can drop a message to The_Boss if you think that the bot is not working properly.


Use good reason in choosing username and avatar! Usernames and avatars containing vulgar, sexually explicit, racist, rude or inappropriate words or hints are not allowed, as well as usernames with contact information, business names, sexual orientation, and religious references. Any abusive or obscene avatar might lead to the removal of your profile.

We can disable (hide from public) your profile by your request or after a violation, but we won't remove it from our database completely.

Registering more than one profile is forbidden, if you happen to lose access to your profile and need a new one please contact one of the Mods.

Any attempt to buy, sell or rent a user or linker profile will be punished by an immediate ban.

Comments & Community

All comments, posts and threads must be in English!

When you leave a comment or post please avoid messages that are:

  • Single-word like "Great", "Cool", "okay";
  • Meaningless, copied, slang or not understandable;
  • Obscene, sexist, racist or abusive in any reasonable way possible;
  • Containing spoilers or spoiling plot elements;
  • Containing any kind of spam and advertising;
  • Containing links or related to competitor websites and social network accounts.

No links in comments and no duplicate comments allowed! If you try to post this you will be muted for 24 hours by out service bot.

Starting, causing, provoking and fueling any kind of conflicts on SolarMovie is forbidden!

Starting threads that are provocative, offensive in any way possible or made solely for the purpose of advertising is forbidden.

Links & Votes

When uploading a movie or adding a link make sure that the contents satisfy these conditions:

  • The link leads to the full English language movie or any other language with English subtitles on file/video hosting page, that can be loaded in an HTML frame and viewed without registration or survey;
  • The link can be added only if the movie or episode has a dedicated page on

Adding links to any movies that fall under the Adult genre on, or to reviews, blogs, community, fan sites etc is forbidden.

Regular users are restricted to 1 link per movie. Creating multiple accounts is forbidden.

Any kind of vote cheating is punished by ban! This includes: creation of multiple accounts for cheating purpose and any other form of mass voting for the links of a certain user or a group of users.


SolarMovie holds no responsibility for any harm that might occur from the third-party streaming websites. We are not responsible for any financial or personal issues that might occur after you sign up for any memberships and we are unable to cancel it and do a refund. SolarMovie provides no paid memberships of any kind and will not refund any financial losses.

The site rules will be updated with the growth of the website and at some points might be updated without any prior notice to the site users, so to keep up with the current site rules visit this page from time to time!