The Train Job
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The Train Job / Episode 1

Mal and his crew pull a train robbery...

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Ty for your positive outlook on this Brilliant show.
What you have been saying pushed me to go the extra mile and create a thread with Firefly Episodes and followed by "SERENITY 2005" the MOVIE for the Finale of the series.
Cheers to you for motivating me!
I love this Fantastic, Beautiful, Epic, Brilliant, Scifi TV series.
Here's the episode list in the box DVD set. It is in the order that the producer/director intended. FOX changed the order in it's broadcast--why???--because FOX had the power to broadcast...that's probably why it's so confusing. I think the "intended" order listed below does make more sense once you watch it as a whole.
• 1. Serenity
• 2. The Train Job
• 3. Bushwhacked
• 4. Shindig
• 5. Safe
• 6. Our Mrs. Reynolds
• 7. Jaynestown
• 8. Out of Gas
• 9. Ariel
• 10.War Stories
• 11.Trash
• 12.The Message
• 13.Heart of Gold
• 14. Objects in Space
Even if you get to watch it piecemeal, chased by the movie Serenity, it's still really fun!
The 1st episode is titled "Serenity"..It is 86 minutes long-- unlike the movie "Serenity" which is 118 minutes long. The content of these 2 films are completely different from each other. The movie was made by Josh Whedon et. al.,in response to the surge and clamor of the fanbase after the series was was pretty impressive. I recommend watching the series first--though the movie survives as a stand alone piece. The character development takes place in the series culminating in a more satisfying viewing of the movie in my opinion.
The link that was here, by Plague was not the movie Serenity. It was the episode titled Serenity. The actual pilot episode of the series. Had it not been removed I would have said compare the two, alas you pulled the trigger on the episode which actually belonged in this slot. It was season 1, episode 1, Serenity, as compared to the DVD collection.
Amazing show that I missed when it originally aired. I bought the box set.
It was worth every penny. ; }
Plague has a link here but its "Serenity The Movie",(86 mins) which is the Premiere they decided to create Firefly Tv Series from. Great Movie great Series. Cheers...
Firefly: Season 1, Episode 1|
(The Train Job) (20 Sep. 2002)