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Fringe 2008

A television drama centered around a female FBI agent who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena....

Clancy Brown, Takako Haywood, Kenneth Tigar, William Sadler, Gabrielle Rose, Harry L. Seddon, Eugene Lipinski, Leonard Nimoy, Gerard Plunkett, Joshua Jackson, Heather Doerksen, John Shaw, Douglas Chapman, Clark Middleton, Orla Brady, Chris Shields, Miguelito Macario Andaluz, Megan Leitch, Sebastian Roché, Scott Patey, Olivia Palenstein, Jenni Blong, Mike Realba, Peter Woodward, Michael Gaston, Jared Harris, Blair Brown, Silver Kim, James Frain, Stefan Arngrim, Marie Avgeropoulos, Roger R. Cross, David Richmond-Peck, Kevin Corrigan, Chance Kelly, Karen Holness, David Call, Jamie Switch, Ari Graynor, D. Harlan Cutshall, Neal Huff, Andre Royo, Nelson Peña, Ryan McDonald, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Judy Sinclair, Philip Winchester, Diana Bang, Cam Cronin, Amy Madigan, JR Bourne, Michelle Krusiec, Jennifer Wiener, Chris Bradford, Kirk Acevedo, Seth Gabel, David Shumbris, Alberta Mayne, Tom MacNeill, Sean Carey, Trini Alvarado, Chaz Chamberlain, Meghan Markle, Omar Metwally, Anthony C. Mazza, Mark Valley, Elizabeth McCarthy, Matthew Martin, Michael Cerveris, Jeremy Guilbaut, John Prowse, Monte Markham, Eve Harlow, Guiesseppe Jones, Chad Riley, Brian Slaten, Ash Roeca, Chris Eastman, Sierra Pitkin, Anna Torv, Morris Chapdelaine, Khaira Ledeyo, Anna Van Hooft, Jasika Nicole, Danny Doherty, James Pizzinato, Jarod Joseph, Lily Pilblad, Paula Giroday, Achara Kirk, James Tyce, Diana Pavlovská, Darby Lynn Totten, Chad Gittens, Duncan Spencer, Jacqueline Beaulieu, Ada Breker, Chinasa Ogbuagu, Lea Kovach, Robyn Payne, Matthew Mandzij, Hamza Adam, Mary Alison Raine, Al Miro, Simon Raymond, Amos Stern, Tristan Jensen, Anna Trov, Steve Weller, Elizabeth McCarthy, Mary Alison Raine ...
Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi ...
USA, Canada

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Solar rating: 9.6


Imdb rating: 8.5

Latest Episode: An Enemy of Fate (s05e13) January 18, 2013

As the Observers close in Walter and September desperately work to complete the plan but one obstacle after another hinders their progress

Season 5

January 18, 2013 Episode 13 An Enemy of Fate 33 links
January 18, 2013 Episode 12 Liberty 26 links
January 11, 2013 Episode 11 The Boy Must Live 35 links
December 21, 2012 Episode 10 Anomaly XB-6783746 29 links
December 14, 2012 Episode 9 Black Blotter 30 links
December 7, 2012 Episode 8 The Human Kind 28 links
November 16, 2012 Episode 7 Five-Twenty-Ten 33 links
November 9, 2012 Episode 6 Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found...Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There 34 links
November 2, 2012 Episode 5 An Origin Story 30 links
October 26, 2012 Episode 4 The Bullet That Saved the World 31 links
October 12, 2012 Episode 3 The Recordist 33 links
October 5, 2012 Episode 2 In Absentia 34 links
September 28, 2012 Episode 1 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 35 links

Season 4

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Anna Torv is a brilliant actor but yet we don't get to see her in anything, why is this?
@Naptural I agree, Fringe was my all time fav sci-fi program. I think it ended perfectly but yes I also miss all the characters in the series.
I so MISS Fringe! :/
@erjaisingh when it first came out i saw most of season 1. Then with my job at the time i kinda forgot about this show till now . So i am enjoying this show for sure :D
@KayWal1981 just getting started i guess :D
I'm so addicted to this show LOVE IT !!!!
@Slapmybytch If there was ever a show made secretly made for stoners than this show would be it, lets just say you become fine tuned with Walter Bishop and his character makes a heckuva lot more sense. When he's munchin on twizzlers, or making crazy food combinations or just his awe of the crazy side of science. It was so hard for me to watch the last few seasons after i quit smoking cause all i wanted to do was well ya know and make that interesting again. This is one of my favorite Sci Fi shows of all time, and Walter Bishop is one of my fav characters of all time. I wish I could enjoy this show for the first time when all seasons were already out! lucky bleep! '..'
Awesome series. Gonna miss it :(
@movie_junkie @snipe996 at season 3 episode 17 and yeah i agree, its kinda slow with the beginning of it and it is getting better through it ... thanks to both of you =)
it gets better about 10 episodes into the season. I felt the same way in the beginning of the season but stick with it, its worth it!