Valar Morghulis
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Valar Morghulis / Episode 10

Joffrey names Tywin the new Hand of the King. Robb marries Talisa Maegyr. Jon prepares to meet Mance Rayder. Arya says farewell to Jaqen H'ghar. Daenerys tries to rescue her dragons...

Release Date:
June 3, 2012
64 min
Sean Bean ...

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Imdb rating: 9.4

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lol season 3 is even better. every episode is amazing. #1 series ever created. George R.R. Martin (the author and creator of the series) is a genius. If you enjoy the show you should definitely look into the books (game of thrones, clash of kings, storm of swords, feast for crows, dance with dragons, more being written) as they are even better!
Holy unholy of the walking dead. Great season finale. Last 2 episodes were off the hook. Can't wait till next season.

This is too much, what an episode!!! 10/10 by far one of the best, excellent link thanks linker.