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Labyrinth 2012

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Imdb rating: 5.8

Latest Episode: Episode #1.1 (s01e01) November 24, 2012

In modern Carcassonne archaeologist Alice Tanner is drawn to entering a cave where she finds mysterious symbols and a ring with a labyrinth inscribed upon it. Putting the ring on her finger

Season 1

November 24, 2012 Episode 1 Episode #1.1 9 links


A highly suspenseful Cathar intrigue. Certainly recommended for those interested in this type of historical drama or the Da Vinci Code type of movies.
Labyrinth is a historical drama 2 part mini-series based on the 2005 novel by Kate Mosse ... It follows two interwoven stories set 800 years apart ... In one story-line, a young woman who lives through the Crusades and Cathar massacres in medieval France ... In the other story-line, an archeologist makes a shocking discovery in modern-day South of France ... Have not watched it yet but it is on my list ... Will be Watching ...