Strike Back
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Strike Back 2010

The actions of 'Section 20', a secretive unit of the British Secret Intelligence Service. A team of spies conduct several high risk missions throughout the globe....

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Latest Episode: Episode #4.10 (s04e10) October 18, 2013

Kamali is alive. He fooled everyone when he faked his death. Locke makes a deal with Ulyanov to capture Kamali. Kamali's team attempts to deploy the weapon at Ramstein AFB. Stonebridge and Scott have many important decisions to make

Season 4

October 18, 2013 Episode 10 Episode #4.10 48 links
October 11, 2013 Episode 9 Episode #4.9 64 links
August 1, 2013 Episode 8 Episode #4.8 41 links
August 1, 2013 Episode 7 Episode #4.7 82 links
September 20, 2013 Episode 6 Episode #4.6 58 links
September 13, 2013 Episode 5 Episode #4.5 34 links
August 30, 2013 Episode 4 Episode #4.4 37 links
August 23, 2013 Episode 3 Episode #4.3 24 links
August 16, 2013 Episode 2 Episode #4.2 31 links
August 9, 2013 Episode 1 Episode #4.1 22 links

Season 3

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Season 1


@spotflare thank u very much.... makes sense now... i am really impressed how they move and talk... i agree u got a good point . they got relay good team who shows them how to move and use everything.... i really like the fact that they are paying a lot of attention to the detail...( i was 3 years 11b infantry and 5 years special ops...) thats the reason i like that show so much... a lot of combat movies they just give the actors a weapon and say shot... what makes it lock cheap in my eyes... it cost a lot to train somebody and if its only for acting u still have to like it and feel it to perform good... ok i am babbling to much .. i guess u can tell i really like it... thank u... next episode....( when is season 5 coming ?)
@Bandog ~ i think they took a shot with the first season and when it went over well they regrouped and refit.. i agree, they came up with an even better outfit.. the writers must have experience - nothing, so far, to insult the intelligence of those who have been there.. they are aware that bi'chin', cussin' and cuttin' morbid jokes is how soldiers are able to do these things.. everything is tactically correct and the actors have been well trained in the proper use of many different weapons.. there's a good team behind this show.
Gen. Patton said, "you don't worry about a soldier unless he stops bi'chin'." if they do, they're either gravely injured or dead.. as long as they're bi'chin', you still have a soldier.
the deadliest weapon is the mind of an infantryman.
let's see if i fixed that word so it gets past that pesky robot.
@spotflare ure funny ...i am watching again.... but can somebody tell me what season 1 got to do with it... and why when i bought season 2 ,3 it says 1, 2,. and different actors.... i like ( 2,3,4 ) better then the actors in 1...( is this the guy from walking dead? ) and yes its by far the best season on tv... (the Unit is good too ) i love it... i really like how they move and are well trained. they do lock better then some soldiers i had in my team... ( i just retired from the us. army)... really nice and good locking tactical moving... i like the small thinks they do if they fight. ( tapping on shoulder when moving, changing, i could keep going....) very good show...
Season 1 the best.
@musician4ever you're gonna miss a great series, then.. keep watchin'.. it get's better and better.
@angeline_yu Yes. They are showing season 1 in the states now. "Origins" is jsut a clever name for "reruns."
It was originally a British show with Richard Armitage (The Hobbit, MI-5) and Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead, Love Actually). I loved the first season and quickly lost intrest after the first two episodes of season two when it switched production companies and went to America.
Really great show though, and neatly produced with the two back to back episodes being like a feature length film.
I read about next week it's going to have Strike back: Origins.
But isn't the same thing as the season 1?
awww, man.. ah'm already goin' inta withdrawal!!.. how long mus' ah hafta wait??.. ah'm not gonna make it.. everything's goin' black.. arghhh.
Great seeason! i wonder if the extreme fisherman will be in the next one??