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Supernatural 2005

Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth....

Cameron Bancroft, Katharine Isabelle, Michael Teigen, Steven Williams, Robert Wisdom, Julian Richings, Matt Frewer, Chris Gauthier, Nicki Aycox, Michael Massee, Christopher Heyerdahl, Jared Padalecki, Aleks Paunovic, Mark Pellegrino, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Daryl Shuttleworth, Andrew Francis, Jim Fitzpatrick, Austin Basis, Aldis Hodge, Jim Beaver, Rachel Miner, Julian Christopher, Carrie Fleming, Laura Mennell, John Shaw, Jay Brazeau, Mike Carpenter, Kurt Evans, Terence Kelly, Colin Lawrence, Sonya Salomaa, Darryl Scheelar, Dave Cote, Amber Benson, Brent Stait, Alona Tal, Kurt Fuller, Kirsten Williamson, Daniel Bacon, Martin Christopher, Nico McEown, Benito Martinez, Travis Wester, John Castellanos, Corbin Timbrook, Emily Perkins, Kurt Paul, Lisa Marie Caruk, Christine Chatelain, John Hainsworth, Sebastian Roché, Eric Keenleyside, Sebastian Spence, Ridge Canipe, Mark Rolston, Chad Lindberg, Kevin McNally, Colin Ford, Brittany Ishibashi, Alexia Fast, Misha Collins, Julie McNiven, Nicholas Elia, Christopher Rosamond, Olivia Cheng, Serinda Swan, Emily Tennant, Brad Dryborough, Damon Runyan, Lori Ann Triolo, Dean Wray, Rob Benedict, Jessica Heafey, Sean O. Roberts, Bruce Dawson, Samantha Ferris, Chelah Horsdal, Roman Podhora, Charles Malik Whitfield, Kim Rhodes, David Stuart, Lauren Cohan, DJ Qualls, Anthony Harrison, Con Schell, Greg Collins, Cainan Wiebe, James Patrick Stuart, Mitch Pileggi, Katherine Boecher, Adrianne Palicki, Lindsey McKeon, Sean Rogerson, Mary Black, Jonathan Bruce, Lanette Ware, Jensen Ackles, Traci Dinwiddie, A.J. Buckley, Corin Nemec, Katya Virshilas, Alycia Purrott, Garwin Sanford, Matreya Fedor, Cindy Sampson, Fredric Lehne, Shawn Reis, Sierra McCormick, Monique Ganderton, Christie Laing, Jake Abel, Todd Scott, Samantha Smith, Roy Campsall, Rick Worthy, Linden Banks, Madeleine Lindley, Richard Speight Jr., David Paetkau, Britt George, Quinn K. Redeker, Lara Gilchrist, Ken Camroux, Keegan Connor Tracy, Fred Henderson, Anita Brown, Nick Harrison, Tom Pickett, Jodi Knotts, Amy Gumenick, Katie Cassidy, Gail Borges, Sterling K. Brown, Juliana Wimbles, Kim Johnston Ulrich, Nicola Anderson, Matt Cohen, Gerry Rousseau, Luis Javier, Nancy Bell, Mark Sheppard, Sal Landi, Robert Ambrose, Genevieve Cortese, Gabriel Tigerman, Gavin Buhr, Ron Robinson, Kim Stanwood, Gracemarie Cretella, Amanda Colville, Jennifer Shirley, Luke Pascale, Demore Barnes, Rocky Anderson, John F. Parker, Julia Maxwell, Erica Carroll, Leah Graham, Holly Hougham, Amitai Marmorstein, William J. Phillips, Julia Rhodes, Fiona Vroom, Jamie Schwanebeck, Todd Thomson, Gabriel Carter, Colin Naples, Daniel Arnold, Nicolai Guistra, Samantha Smith ...
Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 9.5


Imdb rating: 8.6

Latest Episode: Alex Annie Alexis Ann (s09e19) April 22, 2014

When Sheriff Mills calls Sam and Dean after a run-in with a vampire, they discover the vampires kidnapped a girl to use as bait to lure human victims

Season 9

Episode 23 Episode #9.23 0 links
Episode 22 Episode #9.22 0 links
Episode 21 Episode #9.21 0 links
Episode 20 Episode #9.20 0 links
April 22, 2014 Episode 19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann 218 links
April 15, 2014 Episode 18 Meta Fiction 266 links
March 25, 2014 Episode 17 Mother's Little Helper 263 links
March 18, 2014 Episode 16 Blade Runners 236 links
March 4, 2014 Episode 15 #thinman 247 links
February 25, 2014 Episode 14 Captives 204 links
February 4, 2014 Episode 13 The Purge 188 links
January 28, 2014 Episode 12 Sharp Teeth 200 links
January 21, 2014 Episode 11 First Born 212 links
January 14, 2014 Episode 10 Road Trip 185 links
December 3, 2013 Episode 9 Holy Terror 141 links
November 26, 2013 Episode 8 Rock and a Hard Place 163 links
November 19, 2013 Episode 7 Bad Boys 157 links
November 5, 2013 Episode 6 Heaven Can't Wait 150 links
November 12, 2013 Episode 5 Dog Dean Afternoon 141 links
October 29, 2013 Episode 4 Slumber Party 173 links
October 22, 2013 Episode 3 I'm No Angel 162 links
October 15, 2013 Episode 2 Devil May Care 163 links
October 8, 2013 Episode 1 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 156 links

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@themovieDr I agree... Crammed with fillers, the show has become directionless. Can't believe the poor level of scripting and directing that's currently going into the making of this 10-year old show. Now I'm going to be down voted by teen fanboys !
@redxthe twentieth episode of Suparnaturals ninth season is serving as the backdoor pilot. The backdoor pilot will be written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Robert Singer. The series is set to explore the "clashing hunter and monster cultures in Chicago....
I agree that i would think the brothers would be essential.. i can name two spinoffs that i found to be as good as the original they came from, one being Angel and the second being The Originals from The Vampire Diaries.
this is my first time hearing about the spinoff, and i gotta say i'm a lil apprehensive. in the case of buffy vs angel as a tv series and series spinoff, i liked the spinoff better than i did the original series, but i can't imagine any way in which that could be true for Supernatural: Bloodlines. Doesn't supernatural NEED our favorite brothers the Winchesters?
@timenchips well one reason is because it does have i believe 7 or 8 more episodes to the season then The Walking Dead.. many cw shows end in May, besides this one, which I love, The Vampire Diaries and Reign's end on the same night, i think May 15.
@DarthxxJew Yeah that's what I'm talking about; SPN lasts until about the end of May while quite a few other shows are already done for the season (like Walking Dead, for example).
@jacqualinemillar Yes, The spin-off series was going to be called Supernatural: Tribes now it has changed its name from Supernatural: Tribes to Supernatural: Bloodlines.
What'chu mean till may? As its going to be May when this shows current season ends...
@sona_ami there's a spinoff?
this show is going no where for me it is a lost cause should have ended long ago.
I'm starting to worry about the spinoff now.