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True Blood 2008

In a world where vampires have "come out of the coffin", Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress, discovers a new world of different creatures when she meets Bill Compton, a vampire....

Lynn Collins, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Janina Gavankar, Michael McMillian, Kanin Howell, 0819441, John Billingsley, Dakin Matthews, James Parks, Tess Parker, Lauren Bowles, Lois Smith, Raoul Trujillo, Dendrie Taylor, Marshall Allman, Christopher Meloni, William Schallert, John Prosky, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Alfre Woodard, Aisha Hinds, Randy Wayne, Dale Dickey, Stephen Root, Marque Richardson II, Joe Manganiello, Gregg Daniel, Patrick Gallagher, Poncho Hodges, Ashley Jones, Denis O'Hare, E.J. Callahan, Louis Herthum, Alexander Skarsgård, Chad Todhunter, Kate Luyben, Jonathan Kowalsky, Greg Cipes, William Sanderson, Casey Rivers, Caleb Moody, Peter Macdissi, Jull Weber, Damion Poitier, Chris Bauer, James Frain, Jessica Tuck, Anna Paquin, Zeljko Ivanek, Dale Raoul, Carrie Preston, Jobeth Wagner, Lizzy Caplan, Preston Jones, Jayden Lund, Anna Camp, Peter Mensah, Aunjanue Ellis, Silvia Curiel, Del Zamora, Greg Collins, Lauren Weedman, Christopher Gartin, Fiona Shaw, J. Smith-Cameron, Kelly Overton, Ismael 'East' Carlo, Cherilyn Wilson, Valorie Hubbard, Evan Rachel Wood, Cooper Huckabee, Nelsan Ellis, Allan Hyde, James Michael McCauley, Daniel Buran, Diahnna Nicole Baxter, Natasha Alam, John Hillard, Valerie Cruz, Lindsey Haun, Bryan Becker, Ugo Bianchi, Brandon Molale, John Burke, Christina Moore, Jeremy Denzlinger, Don Swayze, Valentina Cervi, Kristina Anapau, Kevin Alejandro, Patricia Bethune, Courtney Ford, Kelly Nienaltowski, Michelle Forbes, Fiona Dourif, Cheyenne Wilbur, Mariana Klaveno, Blaine Saunders, Martin Spanjers, Vedette Lim, Paola Turbay, Jim Parrack, Sam Trammell, Melissa Rauch, Mehcad Brooks, Wes Brown, Sharon Tay, Kevin Fry, Melanie MacQueen, Stewart Skelton, Danielle Sapia, Adina Porter, Anna Khaja, Graham Shiels, Katherine M. O'Connor, Stephanie Erb, James Harvey Ward, Karina Logue, Michael Bofshever, Scott Foley, John Rezig, Andrew Rothenberg, Brit Morgan, Simone Bargetze, Stephen Moyer, Alexandra Breckenridge, Ed Quinn, Grant Bowler, Aaron Jennings Hartnell, Honey Lauren, Judy Prescott, Jennifer Hamilton, Todd Lowe, Aaron Perilo, Ken Luckey, Neil Hopkins, Cheryl Lyone, Michael Raymond-James, Tanya Wright, Brendan McCarthy, Missy Doty, Misha Gonz-Cirkl, Galadriel Stineman, Bernard Eichholz, Ailsa Marshall, Adam Leadbeater, Dahlia Waingort, Ryan Kwanten, Lucy Griffiths, Tara Buck, Chris Butler, Jack Krizmanich, Andy Mackenzie, Marcia de Rousse, Alec Gray, Deborah Ann Woll, Rutina Wesley, Theo Alexander, Price Carson, Stacie Rippy, Dallas Malloy, Annie Fitzgerald, Drew James, Dane DeHaan, Chris Coy, Grey Damon, Lara Pulver, Carlson Young, Jennifer Hasty, Camilla Luddington, Caitlin Carmichael, Kevin McHale, Katie Eischen, Guy Perry, Zenali Turner, Lauren Pritchard, Laurel Weber, Avion Baker, Jeanne Baron, Dean Chekvala, Lindsay Pulsipher, Valenzia Algarin, Jake Levy, Labon Hester, Nondumiso Tembe, Danielle James, Brian Treitler, Kendall Lake, Ciara Huntington, Mike Perfetuo, Stephanie Rojas, Chloe Noelle, Kiva Jump, Alissa Ford, Jamie Gray Hyder, Matthew Easton, Kenny Knoll, Ashley Jones, Gregory Sporleder, Lucy Griffiths, Katherine M. O'Connor, Jennifer Hamilton, Dinka Bonelle Dzubur ...
Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 9.4


Imdb rating: 7.9

Latest Episode: Radioactive (s06e10) August 18, 2013

Jason feels a vampire attraction firsthand; and Bill finds that salvation isn't free. Meanwhile, Sookie considers her future with Warlow as a new crisis poses a threat to humans and vampires alike

Season 6

August 18, 2013 Episode 10 Radioactive 125 links
August 11, 2013 Episode 9 Life Matters 97 links
August 4, 2013 Episode 8 Dead Meat 90 links
July 28, 2013 Episode 7 In the Evening 88 links
July 21, 2013 Episode 6 Don't You Feel Me 111 links
July 14, 2013 Episode 5 F**K the Pain Away 85 links
July 7, 2013 Episode 4 At Last 90 links
June 30, 2013 Episode 3 You're No Good 94 links
June 23, 2013 Episode 2 The Sun 96 links
June 16, 2013 Episode 1 Who Are You, Really? 85 links

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@EnkiHoffa thanks im inpatient. i feel like its been an eternity.
@light_k All official dates say only: Summer 2014.
I thought I saw somewhere that it would be June 2014.
IMDB shows a premiere date of June 1, 2014.
@light_k June 15th.
does anyone know when season 7 will be out? its been a while already.
Can't wait till June!
wheres true blood i love it and plz dont end str8up
I don't want this to end with season seven every episode made me wanted to see what's next I hate being left hanging, hopefully ending will be epic enough to satisfy me to allow it to end, great show hope to see more dramatic shows like this in the future.
@dopilus I also agree with the Sookie vampire bit. Depends on how her relationship with the Werewolf goes though. She might settle down... however... all of her friends and pretty much all vampires now, and you know, it's bound to happen. I think it will.
@dopilus I doubt True Blood will let down. It's been too long in the making, and writing it knowing it will be the last series, they can do a great send-off. Eric Northman is the only reason I watch this show. Here's saying, we didn't actually see him explode. Haha. Cheers.