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December 24, 2012, 2:56 am

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can't believe i watched this and not CAP. it looked ok despite missing a few minutes. i probably wouldn't care much for a third tho. 7/10 bc of the see-saw emotions being thrown around. -1 to spidey for the tears (6 hours ago)
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this was silly. we all know arnold isn't getting the treatment the other got. ijs. 5/10 bc the fbi lady's cold shower was a pool. (10 hours ago) this was good for a time filler. someone said it reminded the of Supe, it does, when he's all no death bc of his kid. lol def recommend if you haven't detox from marvel yet. (10 hours ago) two things: wasn't sky's bf at the fridge? does anyone else wanna know who that flower gal really is.....besides smokin hot? (11 hours ago) thanks enkihoffa (12 hours ago)