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October 6, 2011, 8:40 pm

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@Aerotek no worries, I just wanted to see if you got lucky.. I will check some more.. (6 days ago) @Aerotek is there a link with sub-titles? I checked a few, no luck.. thanks.. (6 days ago) wickedly cool show.. w.h.macy probably likes the show.. he is great in shameless, so i give him a pass for not being in this one.. oh jeez.. (8 days ago) hahahaha.. love it... (9 days ago)
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Kinda strange.. I was running the newest update, and nothing (youtube or this site) was working. I went back to an older version, now this site works but, not youtube.. Youtube worked when I uninstalled everything and ran it without flash.. odd to me.. (11 days ago)