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June 19, 2012, 8:19 pm

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Seems really great ! (3 days ago)
Movie Wrong Cops
That was so enormously twisted ! I loved it ! (6 days ago)
Movie Rubber
Not at all ! It is technically so good that nobody saw it! Really I had a lecture about it, the variation of focus between the the background and foreground....The story was so funny !! Am I really the only one who laughs during this film ? And the end ! Excelent ! (8 days ago) no no, it passed the vote. But I think that Carter had to write down those episodes now, so I guess it will take some time before it comes to us...That is indeed infuriating but we will have to be patient...it will be great I'm sure ! (10 days ago) It was really great, the child play nicely ! (19 days ago)