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March 2, 2011, 9:50 am

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Just add link. Unknown hosts will be moderated and links might become available after that. (7 days ago) Now I know what is the problem. But I'd call it "false notifications" :) Phantoms is other thing and remains to uncover. (8 days ago) @adonis1066 the very first notification you got was for the link that was eventually removed, so then you got the second with the working link. it is not a bug just a quirk of computer software which you should be aware of. and has nothing to do with your OS. as I said before only image editor matters. not sure what you mean (10 days ago) 1/ This is not a F.A.Q. section, but issues log for site administration to see. 2/ You provided absolutely no info to identify the issue (11 days ago) some image editors respect meta information that camera puts into image file and shows you like its already rotated, some rotate and keep meta etc. it could get messy. solar doesn't care about meta. Use IMDb ID of an episode not a TV show. "Add link" link from episode's page should setup upload form properly. Need IMDb ID to fix that. (11 days ago)