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A great action Western with even greater acting.
A better-than-average Western in a pretty much dead genre. Christian Bale plays a farmer who decides to escort a renowned outlaw, played by Russel Crowe, to a train destined for Yuma prison. By the end of the film you are not only cheering for Bale to succeed but also for the villain as well. A must see for western genre fans.
Best Western movie in quite a while. Ranks up at the top with Tombstone and Unforgiven. Both stars do a great job.
Un ganadero tiene la fortuna/el infortunio de encontrarse con el malo m
One of the best westerns i've seen. It's nice to see movies like this that aren't big budget special effects movies, but they can still deliver on action and story.
This is one of my favorite movies ever. I love good Westerns, and when you cast Russell Crowe in one as one of the coolest characters of the decade, it is destiny for me to love it. Christian Bale is a non-factor as are several of the supporting cast members, but the musical score is terrific and Ben Foster does a great job as Russell Crowe's loyal right-hand man.

I would recommend this movie to random people I walked up to on the street. So, I now say to you... WATCH IT
What makes 3:10 to Yuma great is that it really has no faults while performing admirably in just about everything. From the great character of Ben Wade, acting sophisticated and intelligent while being a ruthless killer, to Dan Evans refusal to show anything less than admirable morals, even while facing certain death, 3:10 to Yuma delivers. 8.75/10
Okay, so 3:10 to Yuma isn't in the same league as The Unforgiven or The Outlaw Josey Wales but it is a pretty fun action oriented western. Although it has a fairly basic storyline (take the bad guy to the train) it has some great actors (even the bit parts), sets (they built a town from scratch), costumes and some roaring old shootouts. This film is more like Tombstone, Young Guns or Open Range --its sometimes not very realistic but it gives you what you came for -a good old fashion, western ride full of bad guys, good guys and gunfights. If your looking for more than that, look elsewhere.
Enjoyable, well-made remake of classic western with great performances by Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, et al.
I had seen the original version, and I hated the ending. This movie shows the progression of a hero, a hero that has been, as of recent, incredibly over-shadowed by the fast-paced action flicks and 3-D effect movies that have come out recently. A very impressive western that leaves you feeling good about yourself after you've seen it.