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phenomenal, I really am out of words. some movies are just that good. the movie's plot and twist are really amazing. RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE :)If T.J approves it... THEN IT IS WORTHY EVERY SECOND OF IT.
Really good movie !!
is there any links that dont make me feel like i'm playin a game at 10frames per second
@BrickTop Cannot understand either the sepuku scene alone is somptuous. But I stopped wondering when I saw IMDB got Don Jon a rate above 7 the first months it was on, that movie was totally screwed as far as I'm concerned. Most of the critics I saw on 47 Ronin were obviously lead by lack of nippon culture and open-mind.
I don't understand why so many people disliked this film? I thought Ted 'Theodore' Logan did a fantastic job here BUT he turns right back around & totally disappoints me in "Man of Tai Chi"
you gotta love american filmculture. a film about the Japanese, by the japanese, with the japanese, but all spoken in english with a japanese accent.
Loved the movie and the actors and their characters! Such a shame that they have chosen a wrong date for this movie to be shown world wide, hence the negative response of the moviegoers. But it really is a good one! 2 thumbs up!
I give that movie a very solid 9. I was not aware that there were negative reviews for it, and I can see the artsy fartsy crowd not liking it, but it reminded me of Gladiator but in a diff setting, and I thought it was a solid movie with all the necessary elements. The more recent HD copy I watched was excellent. Thank you.
this movie was was kind of like watching "The sorcerer and the white snake". definitely worth the watch.
i find it interesting that the movies are modeled after things un-explainable... this had to have a root of some kind.. Nothing comes into the mind unless seen for the first time. I wonder if such a practice is real.