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Alien 1979

The commercial vessel Nostromo receives a distress call from an unexplored planet. After searching for survivors, the crew heads home only to realize that a deadly bioform has joined them...

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I definitely agree with you. So many sci-fi movies could be amazing if studios took the risks with people other than micheal bay and jj abhrams
The reason we don't see films like this is because studios don't take risks on unknown directors - which Scott was at the time of Alien being made.
I've seen a lot of B sci-fi in recent years which falls much closer into the fold than the mainstream stuff, but their low budget means poor actors, and poor special effects. No matter how good an atmosphere or story or setting a film has if the effects and acting don't match, its terrible.
Its a shame really the greed of the studios probably prevents 20 or so amazing films each year from even existing.
alien the one that started all
Blade Runner,Prometheus,Predator and whatever else may follow... Enjoy! I know I will
Dude I am already through all the first Alien movies, and now onto the rest of the universe!
I'm sencing a mamoth movie marathon is about to start lol.... half way through equilibrium for the umpteenth time, Alien up next :)
I totally agree with you. Nothing has ever come close enough to compare to Alien. You are right saying The Thing and The Predator. The thing because it has the same style of elements as Alien. The claustrophobic atmosphere, the suspense, the unity in which the characters must find together, and the overall not knowing who is the "monster". The Predator because it is attached via the same "universe" as we seen in Predator 2. By far one of the most influential and thought provoking movie of all time.
Indeed, so many movies have followed in the same premise but none have come close.... ummm The Thing (original) ohh and The Predator series, different ideas but equally Awesome
One of the best horror films of now and it's time. By far a masterpiece of original gore! 10/10
This is why you never ever trust an android/scientist .. except bishop he was awesome ..