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Aliens 1986

The planet from Alien (1979) has been colonized, but contact is lost. This time, the rescue team has impressive firepower, but will it be enough...

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love all aliens-movies
Can't say them or i get deleted :)@ASHakaSID
@ASHakaSID couldn't have said it better myself! ^5 for awesomeness and throughness!
The whole series holds in movie history.... Alien is one of my all time favourites.... first watched it was like nothing i'd ever seen before, Stirling Cast, beautiful cinematoghraphy (spelling was never my best atribute :P) Claustraphobic atmosphere, thrilling, exciting (throughout), thought provoking, that and Ripley was a nobody but grew as the film churned on.... Aliens started off exactly as it should have, Ripley unwilling to return nomatter what she was offered, only she new the horror and consequences that could be.... The third enstalment changed everything... primitive and in my opinion Perfect, Ressurection kind of killed it for me but the new Cloned Ripley held my excitement, (that and i have a crush on Winona Ryder) Probably one of the most influencing series of movies ever made....Dont take my word for it! Watch them all and thank me later.... I still hear that slow beeb getting louder, faster, nearer and stronger... PERFECTION!
@prometheus426 I know right, because I've watched the movie numerous times and the plot is pretty well perfect. I would explain stuff, but can't because of rules.
I'm keen to hear of these plot holes too!
Loved this movie! By far one of the best sequels ever! Bill Paxton plays a hilarious character and Sigourney Weaver reprized an amazing role as LT Eileen Ripley. By far an easy 9/10.
@PureVodkaIsAwesome can you explain the plot holes.
that is not the reason people just hate on PVIA whereever he goes proof in a introduction forum and a movie request forum and elsewhere.Watched this movie 3 times some major plot holes@Flicker2013
Wheres my EDIT button Meant (Sequel 1)=(Alien) cheers..