Here are more DVD reviews from my family's collection.


Finding Nemo is a heartwarming tale about a young fish who is taken away from his father and ends up in a fish tank. The father goes out to find him and meets a fun blue fish. The cast does a great job and they really portray the characters perfectly. This is a great family movie that is funny and overall will keep you entertained.


Waterboy is about a mentally challenged person (played hilariously by Sandler) who is obsessed with water. He is the waterboy for a college team and they are now facing their rival who always beats them. This movie is hilarious. Kathy Bates is histerical and this is the only time Adam Sandler has been funny in a movie, in my opinion. Highly recommended.


Yeah, this movie is good. Nothing else to say.
Bean: 6/10

Mr. Bean is back and trying to appeal to an American audience in his film Bean. The film is nothing like the series, although it does use a few skits from the series. Overall, it's just not that funny. The film tries to have an underlying serious story to it while poking fun at Rowan Atkinson's character. What made the television series so great was that they were short clips (mainly without much dialog), mainly consisting of the character doing a normal everyday task and then making it into something abnormal. I don't recommend this film, but I do recommend the series if you're looking for a laugh.
Bean is an utter pile of crap compared to what it should have been and compared to the show. This is mainly because almost all of the jokes are lifted straight out of the show. Oh well, Bean 2 is in the works and I have high hopes for it.
I enjoyed this comedy very much. There are many hysterically funny situations. Rowan Atkinson is really an ingenious comic, and has such effective facial expressions. He needs no dialogue. It's rare I enjoy a comedy this much.

David is an art curator for a museum in Los Angeles. His museum has received a generous donation that will be used to purchase a significant American painting. The painting is sent with an English nobleman, Dr. Bean. Dr. Bean is a museum nincompoop that the museum council cannot wait to get out of the office. Once Bean arrives in the United States he becomes a walking disaster, ruining all facets of David's life. David must find a way to keep Bean occupied so he does not destroy his museums investment.

"Mr. Bean, are you on any kind of medication?"
"Not that I know of."
"Well, you can certainly use some."

Mel Smith, director of the "Dream On" television series, High Heels and Low Lifes, and Blackball, delivers Bean: The Movie. Bean: The Movie contains a limited and unrealistic storyline. The film jumps all over the place with its crazy theatrical hi-jinks. The acting and performance by Bean is outstanding and along the lines of the Bean television series that aired on HBO. The coffee scene as well as the operating scene could have been taken directly from the television series.

"Go and fetch Mr. Bean, we're about to fire him."

The barf bag scene, the Jon Bon Jovi conversation, the pass port picture booth scene, the second roller coaster ride scene, the bathroom scene, David's reaction to seeing the destroyed picture, the operation on the police officer, and the scenes with Mr. Bean utilizing the new wave he learned (flicking the bird) were amongst my favorite portions of the film.

"He's a genius, huh?"
"That's what they tell me."

This film may have been more entertaining to me then most. Bean is a film with strong sentimental value to my fianc
OMG what a film!! Amazingly funny, Rowan Atkinson plays one of the funniest roles ever!

9/10 from me...
A rare treat. A TV show actually turned into a successful and funny (at times very funny film) Atkinson and Macnicol play their parts to perfection and they both are hysterical in their own kind of way. The only problem with the film is when it tries to go serious (family problems, Macnicol daughters situation) it seems akward and doesnt blend... but come on there a ton of great and memorable gags throughout that should have you on the floor a couple times. The film gets better as it goes along... some great comic material here... underrated