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Beerfest 2006

Two brothers travel to Germany for Oktoberfest, only to stumble upon secret, centuries-old competition described as a "Fight Club" with beer games...

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Imdb rating: 6.3

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I like a superfluous, guzzling comedy as much as the next girl, or guy so to speak. Maybe I'll wait a week, line up a few glasses of Spaten Oktoberfest and give it another shot.
WELL...i'm nonplussed...perplexed...disconcerted. the writers starred(?) in it. what's astonishing is, somebody gave 'em 17 million dollars to make it and, more astonishing, IT MADE MONEY. shucks, annmarie913 & enki812 liked it. i wanted to like it, too. hahaha. i did make it farther than moviegirl1234 (much to my chagrin)...NEXT.
One of my all time fave comedies. I thought Super Troopers was almost the funniest movie I had ever seen until I saw this one. Love it.
I have no idea what I just watched, but I turned it off after 12 minutes. So bad.

great movie, and even better to fall asleep to on the ground upside down (if you know what im getting at)

Olympics + Beer = BEERFEST!!!! This movie was hilarious, wild and fun! I am a non-drinker and enjoyed this movie very much so you can only imagine how much more true drinkers will like it. This will not meet the bar as "American Pie" did, but will definately be in the same discussion with "Road Trip" and "Eurotrip" GO SEE IT!
I am a huge fan of anything Broken Lizard has done with the exception of their first movie Puddle Cruisers, but this movie just didnt do it for me. There are some funny parts and there are some stupid parts, most of the jokes were hit and miss and unfortunately I felt that there were more misses. It was way too long for a damn comedy almost 2 hours, I mean give me a break the movie could have ended at least 30 minutes earlier stop dragging it on. My buddy fell asleep and I kept wishing for it to wrap up, some funny parts make it worth seeing but nothing worth bragging about to all your buddies. I would say wait for a Sunday Matinee or the dvd which will hopefully have more funny shit as most comedic dvds do.
Boobs. Booze......................Anything else? This movie is a shallow and stupid comedy. There's not much for me to write about. It doesn't deliver any gut busting laughs like Talladega Nights, but it does dish out constant, err, giggles?...chuckles?....I don't know, small scale laughs. So, I'd wait for it come out on last note: The germans; HILARIOUS!

Story/Plot: 1.5Acting: 6.0Visuals: 5.0Sound/Music: 3.0Fun to Watch: 6.0OVERALL SCORE: 4.3

Just barely fresh enough to keep you laughing, although it was a little long. I went to a theatre that serves beer and wine, a definite plus. They had a $1 beer special to go along with the movie, I obviously partook! Great movie for the college students, not so good for other ages.