Bride Wars
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Bride Wars 2009

Two best friends become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day...

Release Date:
April 28, 2009
89 min
Elisa Gabrielli, Laura Summer, Bruce Altman, Anne Hathaway, Candice Bergen, John Pankow, Michelle Ruff, Victor Slezak, Dale Appel, Ellen Becker-Gray, Patrick Canty, Desiree April Connolly, Robert Masiello, Giovanni Pantaleo, Kelly Coffield Park, Paul Pape, Billy Unger, Colin Ford, Richard DeAgazio, Paul Scheer, Kate Hudson, Mary Matilyn Mouser, Dan Marshall, Georgia Lyman, Michael Anthony Coppola, Albert Gornie, Sophya Gudelman, Patrick Mel Hayes, Rena Maliszweski, Chris Pratt, Jason Mulcahy, Quincy Heath, Haytham Kandil, Steve Alterman, Sean Patrick Doherty, Michael Arden, Justin Shenkarow, Karen Strassman, Nicki Connors, Sari Gagnon, Dane Grigas, Todd Mello, Bryan Greenberg, Lynnanne Zager, Sabe Schoeneg, Marc Vos, Fraser Townley, Adam Zalt, Kristen Johnston, Michael Anastasia, Andre Holland, Karen Huie, Casey Wilson, Bridget Hoffman, Claudette Wells, Jacqueline Piñol, Dennis Parlato, Zoë Raye, Daniel Raymont, June Diane Raphael, Jennifer Crystal, Steve Howey, Darian Bryant, Ariel Shafir, Zoe O'Grady, Shannon Ferber, Charles Bernard, Emily Sarah Stikeman, Robert Capron, Kallie Mariah Tabor, Hettienne Park, Lauren Bittner, Jeremy Brothers, Sarah Kate Jackson, Jason Kolotouros, Kristofer L. Stock, Anna Madigan, Jonathan C. Daly, Ryan A. Shaw, Derek Yuen, Eryn Gruttadauria, Nicole Stuart, Kayce Brown, Manuel Lopes, Rob Wilson, Pamela Figueiredo, Ryan Young, Hannah Yun, Sam Pannier, Kathryn Cressida, Zolee Griggs, Kerry Gutierrez, Gina Hirsch, Matthew Laborteaux, Cassidy K. Rawlinson, Dennis Singletary, Hudson Thames, Stephen DiCenzo, Leigh Belair, Nicholas Cairis, Steve Ricard, Jillian Taylor, Melissa Whiteman, John Franchi, Mackenzie Hawe, Shannon Carter, Seth Morgan Romero, Lara Jay, Edward A. Sherman IV, Valerie Parker, Donna Glee Reim, Ren Knopf ...
Comedy, Romance ...

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Solar rating: 8.8


Imdb rating: 5.3

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hahahaha when she turned orange I love this movie sooo funny
she's an actor...hahaha...i liked LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS better.
anne hathaway (emma) looks so innocent in this movie but if u watch Love And Other Drugs she isnt innnocent
Lovedd the movie and the way in turned out! Ending is unpredictable!

nice romantic movie!!! kate and anne really did a gd job!!

The movie just has a dumb storyline. I mean really two former friends turn enemys just because their weddings are on the same day. PATHETIC!!!!!!!!
This movie is just going to be about two stupid women trying to have the best wedding while doing lame tricks on one another.
Kate Hudson should do herself a favor and have her mom, Goldie Hawn, stop helping her pick her scripts for her. This is the same deplorable dreck that Hawn would have picked to star in years ago. Unfunny, mean-spirited and class-conscious, Bride Wars is another example how most Hollywood movies are out of touch with the average person--NOBODY talks or acts this way!! And BTW...WHEN will the U.S. cinema stop producing these deplorable Upper-class-snob, BFF, Fugly-Betty, Sex-In-The-City mannequin drone-a-loid "comedies" that do nothing but flaunt greed and conspicious consumerism as cute, funny and/or laudable? In short, this movie is the pit of the pits.