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Cyberbully 2011

Teen girl Taylor Hillridge gets a a laptop for her birthday and signs up on a social networking site. She starts to feel alone as her friends ostracize her and she falls victim to...

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I think it was an amazing movie and as for the the actors they were really good. I even cried I love it, and I think more people should watch this and understand how any type of bullying has its affects.
@prince012 People could be overly depressed... it takes one little thing to push them over the edge and decide to do it. Anything, big or small, can be that little push off the cliff. So be careful what you say is unrealistic. Just my 2 cents.

As I sit here trying to think of a calm, rational and kind response to MasterofMovies120, I've gone through a full gamut of emotions. There's a part of me that wants to just smack them upside their head and say "Wake Up! Where have you been for the last 10 years?!" And then...I take a deep breath... and remember, that we don't know things until we know them, and the only way to change ignorance is to encourage people to grow beyond their present knowledge and comfort zones.
So my dear, I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but it is far far too late to save innocent people from being hurt and bullied. Many have already died - some by other's hands, some in desperation by their own. It has happened over and over again, to people from every socio-economic and ethnic background. Bullying is an equal-opportunity pathological behavior. While I'm glad that you think bullying needs to stop, don't turn it into something "other people" do. You do it. You stop it. But frankly, it going to need more from you than "rate up if you agree". Who really cares about 'thumbs up'?! Do something real. Something that has real meaning and has the potential to make real change. Don't just talk, or type, DO!
My challenge to everyone: re-evaluate how much hate you tolerate in your lives, in your presence,in your consciousness. How many of us don't walk away from, or exclude, other people who are openly hating by using elitist, racial, bigoted or homophobic language because we fear "being different" or "making waves" or, my personal favorite, "making a big deal out of nothing"? Research shows that it takes the courage of just ONE person to enable others to find their own courage as well. Just ONE person saying "Hey, that's not cool" can enable a whole classroom of kids to stop picking on the easy target. This is about learning how to choose our morals & make judgement calls before we need to be judged by a jury of our peers.One person can make a difference. Can you be One?