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This was actually not a bad movie at all. I hadn't heard anything about it because of poor advertising and when I came across it I was thoroughly pleased. Give it a go if you enjoy horror movies.
I went into this with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised to find a modern parable of redemption. Enjoyable for suckers of the supernatural like me.
While certainly not in the top echelon of movies, I liked this. It moved along, it had me guessing, there was no horrible acting; it kinda worked. I do however completely agree with MovieGirltheMagnificent-the voice over should have been skipped and cheesy was a good word to use, and yes, there were other areas with room for improvement but all in all, I'd say give it a go.
oka thanks im gonna watch it now ill let u know what i think
A lot of people had disappointment with this one. I rather enjoyed what was done, it has a great psychotic atmosphere that lingers in the background, and the script is well delivered and has a natural flow to it.
I let my mother watch it, and she wouldn't go on elevators for a while, gave her weird dreams for weeks.
looks good might watch this inabit
M. Night Shyamalan has made many flops since the sixth sense...
Hmmm... Didn't love this one. I got really excited when I noticed in the opening credits that it was produced, and the story was created by M. Night Shyamalan. I wish he had seen his story through with the writing and directing, as this had potential to be interesting. But it fell flat for me, lacking mainly in the script and character development. Voice over can be effective, but in this case it felt cheap and cheesy. It wasn't scary to me, could have turned the lights off and felt fine. ;(
@henryb; Thanks so much! The questions in my mind are already piling in...I mean what's the devil doing in an elevator in the first place? Okay, I'm convinced. Gonna watch it tonight- WITH the lights on! HAHA.
yeah i guess if you dont watch horror movies that much your going to need the lights on its that good hope you like the movie i no i did