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Nice movie 8/10
i really thought i was not going to like this movie but hell was i wrong
Not that bad…i'd say 8/10
Great movie. Liked the character development.
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i don't think that a woman want's to hear talking this way ,to hear it's low and mean youre welcome marbear x.
All The Porno Clips Were Distasteful for You??!! DAFUQ....
Re-watch it? Maybe in a Couple of years?! A Decade?! Who Knows...The Only Thing is That I Recognized ALL THE PORN CLIPS haha
Ehhhh it was an ok movie. I love Joseph Gordon Levitt but was really disappointed with this. Plus, all the porno clips were distasteful, for me. I wouldn't re watch it. 4/10
@Marbear12345 Your welcome !!