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Man time travel right here, reminded me of my childhood. Goin to my buddies, get'n blitz'd n watch'n this trippy movie.
So so good and what about that soundtrack..
This film could have you up talking about it all night
So freakin weird yet so good all at the same time !!!
@timenchips i was about the same age and i am still waiting for the ah-ha moment.. hehe.. i dig this film so much, it still surprises me each time i watch it with something new :)
I still remember the first time I watched this movie; I think I was maybe 15, and I was so confused for so much of it until that ah-ha moment hit me. It's a brilliant film and definitely one you have to re-watch because you get more out of it each time.
I swear I didn't watch this classic before today. Maybe I did, did I? I'm not sure anymore.
I love this so much.
*mind orgasm*
I was having a debate with a few friends, about what it would be like to live with 'Stuff'. Eventually the question "What would a world be like, if nobody had thought of 'Time-travel'?"
I couldn't imagine it because to do so would be to imagine a world without Donnie Darko. I haven't forgotten this film, and I don't plan to forget for atleast another 60 years.
Drew MILF Barrymore
what can i say laughed a little was confused alot in the end understood it all,, heck of a mind f**k