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@nickb123 I love that movie but i think the story is wayyy better in planes trains and automobiles
I love watching this movie, especially with friends because of the many similarities i supposibly have with Robert downey JRs' character. (Side note: I'm not that cray cray) This movie is meant to be funny and it delivered just in the humor department! I watch it every time i see it on!
It's basically planes trains and automobiles but it's still good
Abso-freaking- loved this movie! It was hilarious! It is a bit over the top but just a really great watch ;-) 8.5/10.
good film better than i thought it would be
4/10 Something just doesn't work with this movie. It had potential to be funny. Robert Downey Jr. just isn't funny. Steve Carell would have made a much better choice for the Peter character. Zach Galifianakis is funny, but his character is so bizarre it's really hard to like him. Ironically, his character is exactly the same, if not more obnoxious than in the hangover. There were two parts where I laughed out loud. Other than that, it was amusing but not hilarious. If you're bored, not an awful watch. But there are much funnier movies out there.

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