@raginmjolnir hmmm? will ave to hunt that dwn. cheers for the info. I was just stating that after watching patrick stewart for yrs in next generation it seemed rly funny seeing him in this before his star trek days.. just like seeing that film he was in back in 1994, "Gunmen" where he just blurts out a load of swear words, had me laughing for days.
This was before Patrick Stewart played Picard, and he's actually a shakespearian actor.
And once again I say unto all of you people, if you liked this film then watch the Sci-Fi channel version, which I believe can be found on this site. It was ... I think a 3 part mini series, and has way more story in it than this version. Both are good, but I actually like the Sci-Fi channel version better. Now that there is definitely not something that happens very often.
makes me laugh the fact they gave Sting a part in this but he never did the music for it.. Toto did.. lol. its funny seeing patrick stewart in this after all the years as sean luc picard.. :P
"What you readin' for?"
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"What you readin' for?" :-D
Remember Hicks? ''Well, well...looks like we've got ourselves a reader.''
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