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I freaken Loved it.Hands down an amazing movie. Idc what others say that movie was the shet man.
@Darthintrepid The short that became the book this was based on was published like 8 years before Last Starfighter came out. Darn you, Card! You psychic plagiarist lol
@dopilus Xenocide and Children of the mind are great, too. They get pretty muddled at points and a little preachy, but overall they are definitely worth a read. The shadow series sounded like a neat idea but ehh, I was struggling to stick with it during book 2 and gave up on 3.
@ellsab ... you really should. The original is a lot darker with better twists & turns in my opinion.
"Speaker for the Dead" is great for people wanting to know what happened next (I really enjoyed the GN adaptaion).
"Ender's Shadow" is the same story but from Bean's perspective. The 1st two are my favorite though.
I love this movie, makes me want to pick up the books too now.
a very good film, leaves you with wanting more i have to give it a 7/10
Very nice movie,like the movies in space/alien/action/mind game ect and great special effects.
Like this one
It would take at least a four hour movie to do justice to bring Ender's Game to the screen. The director had a choice. He could make the movie character driven or action driven. So much was missed of his personality and the loyalty he instilled with his classmates that it left the action flat and pointless. Ender is an amazing, three dimensional character. His relationships are what made the stories great. If you liked the movie, you'd love the book. I'm glad I watched it, but I won't bother doing it again. Rated: meh.
Well... Suicide is a bit extreme, but I feel like it would have been a better ending than the one they had.
I really don't want to see a sequel of this.
The ending was so rushed and incomplete, and in fact a little bit wacky (and completely ruined it for me). I'd rather see the kid do something else or at LEAST kill himself for what he did, just so they could wrap up the story properly.