Сomments far the weirdest movie ive ever seen.i laughed and cringed at the same time,definatly not every ones cup of tea but a happy 8/10.thanks for the upload.
Let's see.. today is my day off.. I slept till like 2:30 pm oh yeah... My cousin called hysterical shes got some hereditery thing.. shes gonna have to have surgery on her ass.. shes adopted.. so they had no idea.. which is always fun.. so i get to cart my ass over there to give her some vicodin.. and watch season 5 sex in the city.. Man I had big plans for today.. Laundry.. and possibly some nipple piercing.. haha.. but oh well.. Yesterday I had a LONG day.. i didnt sleep well like didnt get to sleep till 5:30 am or something.. and then I woke up at 10ish.. i usually do mondays and fridays to see if Eric is around.. and I'll be damned he actually was.. it was kinda weird.. so we talked for a bit and then I went to Erics.. we are 'just friends' so im like whatever.. ya know.. but i found my senior video the other day when i was cleaning so I brought it and we watched that and laughed.. it was interesting... and then he actually showed me pictures of like his family.. and videos he made on the computer from a trip to san antonio with his sister her bf and erics gf courtney.. it was interesting.. so it started out good.. actually it all went pretty good.. i just dont know about the ending.. we went from the movies.. to music.. eric used to dj so he owns like bazillions of cds.. so we sit on the floor which is freezing.. and he wants me to listen to cds he burned of bad 70s-80s-90s music.. cause his brother gave me like a book of cds to burn.. i dunno.. when we first met we used to sit on the floor and listen to music.. but yeah.. Its usually ok for like the first cd.. I dont remember how many he had.. which means.. I got annoyed by it.. and just stopped paying attention at some point.. this time was a lil better- cause we're communicating better I think.. But finally no more music.. yay. im frozen ive lost circulation to my feet.. so we go sit on the couch and watch curve your something enthuseiasm or something.. on hbo.. it was funny.. i guess.. kinda weird for me? lol but once that was over.. I was telling him about the sherrif who fallowed me home and said i was flying.. and i was like well why didnt ya pull me over and the guy goes.. cause i knew it was you and i like ya.. and he winked.. haha.. and Eric goes.. He wants to see your boobies.. First of all no grown man in their right mind should ever utter the word 'boobies' c'mon..? i know at this point trouble is coming.. so im like no.. i dont think so hes married.. But he insists and goes on about how cops have weird fetishes and I should just show him my 'boobies' and never get a ticket again.. We are really sexually open with each other.. so to some ppl it may be odd.. but next thing i know hes sitting there a couch cussion away.. playing with his penis. This lasted about 15 min.. I resisted.. what a lil fucker.. were fine the whole time.. it actually kinda worked.. us being 'friends' and then he wants me to suck him off before i go to work.. what the fuck? As much as the vacation videos of him and courtney turned me on... no.. I dont think so. I was proud of myself lol.. i said no and i actually meant it.. lol.. but he kissed me goodbye.. which i dont really understand.. im not too concerned about it though.. So that sent my night on a downward spiral.. work was hell.. and i was exaughsted.. yuck. I gotta go my cousins in pain and waiting on me.. so.. yeah..
:fresh: this movie although looks stupid is amazing i can not stop laughing
FRESH.... good word....i like that. any way, i have a new job at $7.00 an hour. it's amazing. i just sit in a chair and type stuff all day! i love it! anyways, things in the world are still shitty.
So i watched the most amazing stand up comedy show ever... Ellen's Here and Now. if you haven't seen it, your wrong.... it's so funny.... packed like pickles... Little Sin knows what i am talking about.... "I felt it in my hips so i dipped back to my bag of tricks" oh man, at the end Ellen karaoke's to the hit song by Salt - N - Peppa, "Shoop." Ellen is amazing.... check it out.
So reality bites, had a ton of potential, but to me, it fell a tad short of what i thought, or expected, it to be like. i have seen so many movies and i forget to rate them....
Pumpkin was an amazing movie and Christina Ricci did an excellent job... i liked the movie so much. it's about a sorority girl that has to train a challenged athlete in the special olympics and ends up falling in love with him... very funny the whole time...
The royal tenenbaums was excellent too. i laughed the whole time i was watching it. it was very powerful and full of energy. i loved it and i wouldn't mind owning it. it was amazing.
Finally, freddy got fingered was the worst movie i have seen in a long time. i thought some parts were funny, but overall, it was horrible. things like, "WE COULD LIVE LIKE KINGS!" and "YOU CAN'T HURT ME WHEN I AM WEARING MY CHEEEESE HELMET!!!" those things are just pure hilarity, but sad to say that as far as movies go, i really didn't like it....
well, i think that's all for now... keep it real!
bouch! bthis bmovie bwas bawful. bad bmovie.
bdaddy bwould byou blike bsome bsausage?
bplease. bthat bwas bthe best bpart bof bthis bmovie.
bsleepy band bdull.
sorry for the b's
but this movie was a bunch of bs
Starring: Tom Green, Rip Torn, Marisa Coughlan, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Harland Williams, Anthony Michael Hall, and Julie Hagerty.
Directed by Tom Green.
Written by Tom Green and Derek Harvie.
Rated R (for crude sexual and bizarre humor, and for strong language).
Running time approximately 1 hour 27 minutes.

What a disgustingly awful film this was. It certainly won one award: a spot on my "Bottom 10 All-Time Worst Films Ever Made" list. Tom Green should be somewhere flipping burgers, rather than exposing us to his revolting and disgusting "comedic" antics. I'm quite sorry, but I don't usually enjoy watching a retard (Green) fondle a horse's genitals. Well, really, I don't ever enjoy that, and I hope I never have to see it again. Zero Stars (out of ****) for this toxic waste! F

Other Opinions:

Tomato Vendor: 4/10
Radovan: "Tom Green is the most disgusting person in the whole world..." 0/10
Lionballo: 0/10
freddy got fingered is proof that tom green should never direct another
movie ever again.
his direction is very horrible and it's all over the map.
the acting in the movie isn't better.
when tom green wants to be funny he can be in small roles like the one
he played in road trip.
but when given center stage he falls flat on his face.

the movie runs 90 minuets but it feels much longer.
the movie does have a plot but it's so dumb there is no need to talk about it.

freddy got fingered is one of the worst films in the history of cinema.
everybody should be ashamed that were involved with the making of this
piece of crap film.

this movie deserves to be put in the trash because that's what the movie is
pure trash.
truly horrible.
:fresh: i will argue this until the day i die. this is one of the best, most overlooked movies of all time. YES IT IS GROSS, but it is funny in ways that so many movies are not anymore. you have to see this movie, even if it is to just say you've seen it.
OMG! That is all I can say. Not only is this guy supposed to be funny, which is the only reason I bought the movie, but supposed to know what comedy is....Unfortunately for us, it seems this time he doesn't.
I can get over the animal intimacies, the deceitful undertone, but what I CANNOT get over is the baby incident, for those of you who haven't seen the movie, don't bother, that scene is as grotesque as a certain over-weight celebrity spreading her legs.........UGHHHHHHH.......
No wonder his wife divorced him.....that sense of humor employed by anyone else would be satanistic..........