Had to watch this again after watching the new series. Still a great classic film
@testsubject666 Sorry… and Robert Rodriguez also delivers the best! :-D
Still one of my fav's to date. Dont forget Selma sexy self
This is a fantastic film, the combination of director Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino is just epic in so many ways.An instant classic.
@paddster16 What about the great director Robert Rodriguez? Tatantino only wrote the script and acted.
Great cult classic. Tarantino always delivers the best!
:fresh: some funny parts. not the kind of vampires I like though. it seemed like the writer thought "hmm...a scene with a guy on fire shooting at the other guys would be cool." it had some very cheesy parts, but I think they were supposed to be there. it was an entertaining movie though.

I love this movie's over the top antics. One of the most ridiculous movies ever made. Changes from one story and genre to another in a matter of seconds.
Over the Christmas break I got the movie Pulp Fiction from a friend of mine and loved it. A little stretched out at the beginning, but the way the whole thing pulls together made it interesting and fun to watch. Suddenly, Quentin Tarantino's movies are on my must-see list, so a friend and I rush out to rent From Dusk Till Dawn. He already saw it years ago and reassures me that it's worth watching, but refuses to tell me a damn thing about it. Fair is fair, so I sit and watch the movie.

*Spoiler Warning!

Suddenly George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino are blowing sh*t up, and I'm totally hooked. The story is already extremely interesting, there's no way they can f*ck up a movie that starts like this. Ten, twenty, thirty minutes into the movie and it's progressing nicely, drawing in the viewer more and more with a story about bank robbery and hostage taking all while trying to get to Mexico. Lovely. Somehow, though, it seems to be moving too straightforward... They get to the bar when suddenly, *Gasp!*, vampires jump out from all over the place? What the hell?
When the supernatural starts attacking the various characters, all of the previous storyline is dropped. Any questions raised at the start of the movie (there weren't many, but still) are left unanswered, and new friends are made and lost within twenty minutes. Of course, some survive, some die, but in the end, the main hero and his woman get out alive with their money. Great. Really f*cking great. They meet up with their pimp or whatever, give him some money, and everybody goes their seperate ways like nothing frickin' happened.
If you've read this far I'm still going to tell you not to waste your time on this movie. My friend and I talked about the movie afterwards and I told him this: "It's almost as though Quentin ran out of ideas for the main drag of the movie and then asked his idiot friend what he thinks. The friend turns to Quentin and says, 'Dude, when they get to the bar, vampires and sh*t should just start bustin' out of everywhere and killin' stuff, that would rock, dude!', and then Quentin listened."