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@ alx_ I have to agree with you the first time I watched I was like Ehhh, then better each time after. I just can't picture Cooper as the Green Lantern. Nah! I can't do it lol
rumer was when this movie and the a team were about to be made ryan reynolds and bradly cooper were both up for the parts of hal jordan ,face ,tho thay both played there parts well but i cant help but think both movies would have been a little better if it had gone the other way ,reynolds is face(as anyone whos seen van wilder knows)and i think cooper would have suited this movie better.
I absolutely loved him in 9's. It was strangely unique, just how I love my movies. I have a huge man crush on Ryan Reynolds anyway so I try to watch everything he is in lol! Thank you Solar for posting a section just for him ;)
XD I thought I was the only one that thought that! He was funny in Waiting and made me cry in that cancer movie... but as a Lantern...
I agree with everything you said Just. I've come to expect the first movie about a super hero to be full of uninteresting blather lol. I guess because I didn't see an hd copy of the movie when it first came out (Thank you Solar!) I didn't notice all the digital flaws. I too have seen it about three times, but now that I have a 42"LCD HD TV BLu-Ray capable tv, I might just have to check out these little CGI bugs! Thanks for post and I'll be readying my popcorn for a second like yourself if it comes out!
This movie had a lot of noticeable flaws. The suit's CGI and Paralex looking like poo were major ones. The movie also had a lot of plot points. You can cut this movie up at about 3 plot points and give them to 3 different directors to make full length movies. To reviewers that's really bad. As a comic book fan I can see why this may have happened. The Green Lantern universe is kinda large and not really set in stone like Batman. So he needed to explain a lot. But if they make another movie it would be SOOOOO much better because they've got the introductory stuff out the way. To a person that's just read Green Lantern and trying to make it realistic for the screen would be hard. But media BS aside, I kinda liked this movie, I've watched it about three times so it's not that bad.
Not sure why the media is saying this was a bad movie. I thought it was just fine and I'd certainly watch the 2nd one if made. was a little lame...

Great movie..and WOW.. never thought Green could look so good lol

good movie 9.5/10