Halloween II
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Halloween II 2009

Laurie Strode struggles to come to terms with her brother Michael's deadly return to Haddonfield, Illinois; meanwhile, Michael prepares for another reunion with his sister...

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It's mostly pretty good. Didn't enjoy this as much as the first one. Loved Laurie's descent into psychotic PTSD. The whole mother & horse thing felt a bit wedged in. Only having any baring on anything and then very briefly, in the 'reunion' scene. Still worth a watch. After all who can get enough of little mikey? 7/10
i will do just that its just i grew up with michael myers as my favorite scary movie serial killer and i was really hoping to have something better from rob especially in this day and age,,, i will say though that considering the first halloween movie ever cost 320,000$ to make you would think zombie with a 15 mil budget would make a way better movie,, i can gurantee that i will stick to the original untell someone decides to reboot,,,i just watched this movie so i commented on what i thought of it since thats what this section is for
The killings have always been predictable, in every single movie of this type. And you never really find out what drives Michael in the older versions, if I remember right. Atleast not until the later movies which started to suck pretty bad, as they tend to do with this genre once you start surpassing 2 or 3 sequels. In the end it is a remake, and one that I personally enjoyed. If you want to see the original, then watch the original and not the remake since all you seem to want to do it hate on it.
his mothers ghost himself as a kid and a white horse lol sorry the killings are very predictable and you know right when they are about to occur his original theme song,, one of the best horror movie sounds by the way was no where in the movie untell the the end, the whole 666 thing written in blood on the bathroom door lol mayby if rob zombie wanted to make it a different kind of movie he should have had laurie kill the younger girl i seen potential in her going insane and doing that, and once again the ending is horrible,, myers is not an over grown man that thinks he is still a little kid listening to his mother ghost he is a unstoppable monster trying to get to his younger sister
I don't think that he ruined them at all, quite the opposite. In the originals it was basically just hack and slash gore-fest, which has it's place I suppose. In the Rob Zombie versions, however, you get a bit of back story into what actually makes Michael a complete psychopath. Always felt that was something missing in the originals.
ROB ZOMBIE please stop ruining the michael myers legend thank you.... ps horrible ending
It was an ok movie, not as good as the first but worth watching. 7/10


Anything Rob Zombie puts his creativity into ends up insane, but good. This trailer looks like, once again, its going to be sadistic.
boooo! halloween doesn't need to be remade by a rock star!