not terrible but not incredible. the start and the finish were good, but it sort of lost track half way through. but it still is pretty good at the high points. kind of felt too long. but once again eastwood is great. 5 on 10. plus it was only 10 bucks so i couldnt lose, entertaining for the most part.
Hang 'Em High (1968, Ted Post) **

The movie starts out pretty good and remains that way for the first two parts and then it proceeds to move into its last part, which is the most boring thing I've seen in a long time. It falls into a cheesy-melodramatic love story that nearly put me to sleep before finally picking up again, but too late to bring back the interest I had in the revenge story.

Ted Post is no Sergio Leone, I'll tell you that.

(TED POST, 1968)
An innocent cowboy miraculously survives
his own hanging and then embarks on a quest
to track down his iniquitous hangman.
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It was the oscar winner overall, so that's why I finally decided to watch Rocky. I had previously been under the impression that any movie with Sylvester Stallone in it must suck, however, that turned out to be surprisingly false. It wasn't the best sports movie I've ever seen, nor was it the best acting performance, but Stallone is endearing and the ending actually suprised me. If it had been made now or in the 90s it would have been a completely different movie.

In the scope of Westerns Hang Em High is a good one, but falls short of true greatness achieved by the Good the Bad and the Ugly and The Magnificent Seven. It's got a great performance by Eastwood of course and a great score. Moreso the scenery is even better then most Sergio Leone Flicks. Maybe it was actually shot in ye olde US of A. But the in town set reeks of lameness. Still it's an unimportant point in a good flick.

Finally Big Bully. Rick Moranis and the guy who married Roseanne. I know his name, but I just don't care into putting the effort into putting his name down. He sucks, so does the movie. Too bad this basically ended Moranis' career. By his own choice I think.

Either way Moranis has a cool comedy country album called the Agoraphobic Cowboy. Not bad like it sounds on paper.
Hang 'Em High
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Pat Hingle, and Inger Stevens
Director: Ted Post

When Jed Cooper (Eastwood) is mistaken for a murderer and cattle rustler by a group of vigilantes, he barely susurvives the lynching. After recovering, he is hired by the single Federal judge in the Oklahoma Territory (Hingle) to serve as a marshall. Cooper sets about using his new-found authority to bring in the men who tried to hang them, with a thirst for revenge always simmering just below the surface. Will Jed manage to stay within the law, or will he sink to the level of those he persues?

"Hang 'Em High" is a quirky Westerm that straddles the line between the clean-cut white hat/black hat Westerns of the 40s and 50s, and the gritty, varying-shades-of-gray Westerns that became the norm following the success of the Italian-made Westerns in the Sixties. It has perhaps the most shocking opening of any Western ever filmed, and it keeps moving at a similar pace throughout, even if it is a bit more talkie than many other Westerns.

The film works both because of its great cast, the way the script raises moral issues without getting preachy, and the way it has some of its main characters get beyond a need for revenge before it consumes them... in fact, the relationship between Cooper and the past-haunted Rachel Warren (Stevens) is a much bigger component to the film than its screen-time implies. It also benefits from some nice cinematography, and director Post helms a nice, focused film (unlike "Magnum Force", a Dirty Harry sequel he will make with Eastwood several years later).

"High 'Em High" is one of the more rarely seen Eastwood films, but I think it's worth seeking out for fans of Westerns (both classic and Spaghetti Westerns) and of Clint Eastwood.

Hang 'Em High (1968)

This is one of Eastwood's less popular westerns but I really liked it. It's not as "epic" as A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, or The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, or as violent as High Plains Drifter, but I still thought it wasn't too far behind those. Eastwood actually plays a legitimate "good guy" for the most part instead of the usual anti-hero in this movie.