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not bad. 7/10
Not too bad...had to expect the car chase at some point seeing that Statham guy (I think that's his name) is in it. I see a sequel in the future maybe? All in all, I rather enjoyed it. 8/10
Wonderful movie ... I enjoyed big time .. Heads up with you have kids around very very bad words .. I had to put the headset on i didn't want the baby's to hear that .. other then that dang good movie ..
I was skeptical about this one. Didn't believe James Franco could be a convincing bad guy. BOOY was I wrong. GREAT movie
Good entertainment.
A great action movie. I loved it.
I liked it; Jason was cool as ever; nice to see him in a different kinda role .. daddy .. great picture and sound
ill give this movie a 8.5\10. i like the storyline and action.
Same old.
Specialist badass good dad hero retires, gets roughed up, then smokes them all up. The end.
Don't act all shocked as if I spoiled the plot - there aren't any.
Top production though. Sly Stalone, Statham etc. couldn't get it wrong - and didn't.
one of statham's better movies. not just him beating ppl up, had a story, character development, and (surprise) statham actually can act when hes called to do so.
tis a goot un