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@Mr500 @MauricioJoseph1 @tallguy55 @LordInfamous it wasn't cancelled it was just put on hold,because the books weren't really all that popular when the first movie was released.They're just waiting for it to gain popularity and I also heard it's kind of like the Percy Jackons movies in the way that it took three years I think for the second percy movie to come out.This is just what I heard don't know how correct it was
@MauricioJoseph1 They cancelled it. Really sad, Because I enjoyed the books and it would have been great!
that movie is really good cant wait for the next one
@tallguy55 Originally there was a sequal planned but I think it may have been cancelled. That's truely a shame too cause this movie is so good. I am still keeping my fingers crossed hoping they will. Honestly a sequal to this would be a lot better than a bunch of the other junk that hollywood is spitting out.
Great movie! Very original and fresh. Left it wide open for a sequel and I hope there is one!!
Very Good Movie !!!
I loved this movie a lot!
Perhaps I am a little tougher when rating, but this movie didn't quite measure up to the comments I read saying this was a "great movie" or "loved this movie." Don't get me wrong its alright and kept me from falling asleep... but that was it in my book. 6/10 maybe 6.5/10
Great movie, great storyline. Thanks for the links!
i love this movie they should make a second part to this it would be awesome