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Inception 2010

A skilled extractor is offered a chance to regain his old life as payment for a task considered to be impossible...

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Imdb rating: 8.8

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@audividetace Did you know that the song that plays to warn them that the kick is coming (Non je ne regrette rien) is the song with all the big booms in the dream? The big boom song is just the French song slowed down. Hans Zimmer is an amazing composer!
Absolutely fantastic movie! The story, the acting ( Leo and J.L.G wow) and the special effects... amazing! You might want to watch it twice though ;-)
this is, undoubtedly, the best movie plot ever conceived.
Amazing movie, Amazing special effects 10/10 from me
Didn't make any sense after watching it first time, but when I watched it second time it made perfect sense. 9/10
Joseph Levitt Gordon and Leo dicaprio in the same movie=awesome
I need a second time round, you either watch a movie over cos it was brilliant or watch it again to understand
I love this movie, and I think I might love Christopher Nolan for making a $250,000,000 blockbuster that doesn't automatically assume its audience is too dumb to understand anything with complexities. There is now officially no excuse for blockbusters as insultingly stupid as something like Transformers. Kudos Chris...kudos. 9/10
Very well made movie and storyline. They did a South Park version of this movie and that made me laugh...
I watched this movie at the cinema and this movie pretty much made my mind hurt with all that thinking I had to do. I really enjoyed the CGI affects and how the movie ended, leaving you with a cliffhanger.
i must say i had a great time watching this