Insidious: Chapter 2
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Insidious: Chapter 2 2013

The haunted Lambert family seeks to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world...

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...and stairs.
This was actually a cool story. It worked with the first one very well.
Don't forget about stairs: They suddenly have trick-steps in them after I watched a really good horror movie...
Yup, it's confirmed: movies like this have officially made me swear off closet doors and doorknobs. Doorknobs are the bane to any quick and needy escape.
They must have planned that... I always thought the volume on the title was louder than the average sound in the movie. Made me spill yoghurt down my top... -.-
The title made me pee a little....(I had the stupid volume turned up)
@QuickdrawMcgraw i'd run out of the house.. and call everyone over to inspect the house with me or call 911 HAHA!
@or19937 you're making it sound super scary haha..
Fun Fun it's 4:20am & I think I'll watch the 1st one. Lots of twists & turns in this one kids, keep your eyes peeled & don't go to sleep ;)
Chapter 2 didn't catch anybody by surprise like the first one did, we all knew what kind of tone Wan was going to set, we knew it had to follow the cliffhanger of the first movie - I think chapter 2 did a great job at that. It keeps the familiar atmosphere with the good ol' violins screeching, and has more than enough decent jump-scares to keep you entertained while the plot thickens deeper and deeper. Once again Wan managed disturb me, utilizing all the elements he did in the first movie - the music, and the (imo) awesome use of make-up. While it may not live up to the high standard set by chapter 1, Insidious: Chapter 2 maintains a firm grip in my very fastidious 'Must watch' category for horror movies.
very good alot of ways even better than the first many twists n turns and tons of scary creepy stuff..i actually jumped in my seat at one point lol great storyline cant wait for chapter 3! :D