John Carter
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John Carter 2012

Transplanted to Mars, a Civil War vet discovers a lush planet inhabited by 12-foot tall barbarians. Finding himself a prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter a princess who is in desperate need of a savior...

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I enjoyed the John Carter books in my youth...And I highly enjoyed this movie...7/10
As a proud nerd I absolutely loved this movie. It has love, action, and a great story! I cant believe I never heard of this before. This is a must watch for sci fi, and fantasy fans.
@MontyFly I read the books a long time ago as well, and even though I like the movie alot, I didn't think it lived up to the books. The movie was done almost like they were trying to cram 2-3 books into one movie. They should have taken more time with it.
@MontyFly O.o didnt know there was books based on those, ima ave to try find these on the net for sale, i'd b interested to see where the stories went. <--- Notes - edgar rice burroughs.
Thanks for the history lesson. I didn't think that far ahead when it came to the books.
@BrightonMatt I find it interesting that anyone would think a movie based on the writings of an author that has been dead for about 62 years could have been based on Avatar. But hey, not everyone grew up reading his Barsoom books ;) I can see how some may think Avatar got some ideas from the books though.
Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a series of books called the Barsoom series starting with "A Princess of Mars" (1912) and ending with "Llana of Gathol" (1948). I am uncertain of whether he wrote "John Carter of Mars" (1964) which seems to be two books one of which may or may not have been written by his son. All of the others are about John Carter and his travels to Mars.
Enjoyed watching this movie. I heard that Avatar got some of the ideas from John Carter the book and it seems to be so because you can tell when your watching the movie. So when you watch this and you think to yourself, 'copying from Avatar?' well, your wrong because its the other way around.
Excellent Sci-Fi movie. I have read many if not all the books it was many many years ago but, they could not prepare me for how well this movie was done. I hope they make more. From start to finish I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.
That was better that what I expected.
@ehetz : Thank you for the information, I'm gonna read it !
Every time I watch this movie I like it more and more. It's one the best of it's kind; sci fi adventure. I remember when i first heard reviews everyone said it's a flop and because of reviews I didn't watch it at theaters. Maybe since I went in with low expectations when it first came out I was able to enjoy it for what it was. As @doplius would say it's no award winner but a great popcorn movie. Looking at it like that it ranks real high on my popcorn list. The story was interesting and paced just right. I liked how they used his gravity abilities and tied it into the action scenes just right. The special effects were more than I could ask for. I found myself fully engulfed in their ideal of the world of mars. Honestly I'd like to see a 2nd one to this. The set up is definitely there. Heck I know Pitch Black probably didn't make as much as this and they were able to pull out Chronicles and now Riddick. Btw Chronicles of Riddick is also in my top list for sci fi adventure popcorn movies. I know alot of people liked pitch black better but eh I liked the 2nd one which is a rarity nowadays. Anyway for those who have put this movie on the back burner; delay no longer solarians and give it a watch, Enjoy!