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Does anyone have, or know which link is the uncut/unmodified version that doesn't make O-Ren's head look like Frankenstein when the top gets cut off?
no japanese subs on the putlocker link. to bad the part where the two japanese dudes are arguing is my favorite part
Kill Bill :-)
epic classic...
Umm it was okay. Watched this cause I was bored.

Fun but Not great.. A bit boring in places..

I'm as much of a Tarantino fan as the next person and I can see that he has enthusiasm for the genre, but something important was lost along the way. Watch a great Jet Li or Jackie Chan movie and you feel the energy and excitement of each fight scene. I usually don't have problems with fountains of blood shooting from severed limbs, but using it as a punchline to your fight scenes doesn't improve the fight scene any more. I just don't feel the exhilaration at the conclusion of a good Jet/Jackie fight scene. That being said, Go Go Yubari is one badass character. I'm certain that we'll see many Go Go's in costume this Halloween.

Quentin Tarantino film starring Uma Thurman as an assassin that was shot in the head on her wedding day, wakes up in a coma five years later and seeks out those that tried to kill her.

I had read a few reviews. Most liked it, but some said it was too violent and there was too much blood. I guess they didn't notice the title of the movie.

I thought this movie was tons of fun. It was violent in the way True Romance was violent, except it was cartoonish violence at times. If you have watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail and how the blood comes spurting out of the knight ("It's only a flesh wound!"), then it is that kind of blood. It's hilarious.

There is fight after fight after fight. There isn't much of a plot and not a lot of cool lines like in other Tarantino movies. It's pretty much a bunch of fighting. It starts off with a fight in the first scene and the second to last scene is a huge fight scene.

Uma Thurman was awesome. Daryl Hannah is scary as hell. What the hell happened to her? She didn't age well. Lucy Liu is cool and Vivica A. Fox didn't last too long. Mr. Blonde makes a brief appearance, but I think he's going to be in the next movie more.

There was an anime bit and I thought it was okay. I hate anime, but this didn't have the annoying bits of anime that I hate so it was fine. I just wish it was shorter. It was a tad distracting.

I do love the way it was directed. I wish there was more dialogue, but the fighting was fun.

We saw Kill Bill this afternoon. WAAY bloody. Senh points out that if it wasn't comedically bloody, it would have been NC-17. (ie 'over the top')

Uma was really awesome, of course. the fighting wasn't too bad, good for a Hollywood film trying to do HK/Japanese style (and then inserting copious amounts of fake blood).

You can't really take much of it too seriously, eric and I are currently debating the Katanas on the airplane, etc. Obviously not at all realistic. But to be honest the Chiaki Kuriyama's character was really disappointing. she was like WAY too one dimensional. I guess she was semi-2D in that she wasn't just a cutsie school girl, she was a homocidal cutsie school girl, but that almost makes it worse... What was her motivation? Backstory, etc? I guess she got more development than Gordan Liu, etc. But still, its almost like a waste (kind of like having Jet Li in a movie with DMX).

let's see if the pictures work yet? (probably not?)

Saw it with Raffi and Eric & Flora. It was pretty entertaining, although very, very, very bloody. Lots of blood. Bloodier than even Ninja Scroll. I guess the best way to describe this movie would be Pulp Fiction Story Structure + Ninja Scroll + 70's Kung Fu Movies + Loud 70's Westerns Soundtrack = Kill Bill. The soundtrack reminds me a lot of The Good, The Bad, and Ugly. Most of the bloody scenes are pretty comical, and I think those scenes were probably added just to avoid an NC-17 rating. Most of the fight scenes were not bad, especially considering that they were performed by non-martial artists like Uma Thurman, Vivica A Fox, and Lucy Liu. Go Go Yubari is really cute, but I hope I'll never any girl with any kind of semblance to her charater in real life. I can't wait to see Michael Jai White whup some ass in Volume 2, tho. Hey, I still have my picture with him from that wushu exhibition a while back.