@slapmybytch; That's a great question. Please don't slap me, but I didn't love Fight Club. I'm such a wussy when it comes to watching people get beat up. That being said, Brad was pretty good in that role. There is something about him, like Tom Cruise, that just bugs me sometimes. It's hit or miss. My top Brad films, in like-ability order; A River Runs Through It, Legends of the Fall, Sleepers, 12 Monkeys, Moneyball, Oceans 11.
@Darthintrepid; We need more reviews like yours. It is well written and well put together. I could not agree more. This movie is a modern-day classic. One of the only films I truly enjoyed Brad Pitt in.
We need more films like this, films that take you on a journey and stoke your imagination, films that have the ability to evoke strings of emotions as you ride along. This is well written, well directed, and the actors lean on each other to create scenes that depict something greater than the sum of the set. film making.
This movie is so exhausting. My emotions were taken on a rollor coaster that felt like it would never end. I never knew who to like, when to like them, or if happiness would ever prevail. (which it doesn't) Brad's character was the worst for this. His inner termoil was irratating and exhausting. Everyone he knew he hurt. Good movie as a movie goes but I can't forgive the writer for the emotional frustration. I sat in my seat for half and hour after the movie ended pondering. I dont have that kind of time!
Now I haven't seen this movie since '94 when it came out so my memory may not be so fresh. Although I remember it having beautiful cinematography, the rest of the movie was just plain dull. I saw it in the first place because of Brad Pitt, although he was not a big star then.

This movie is unbelievably beautiful, yet the astounding cinematography is equally matched by gut-wrenching depression. Quite possibly the saddest film I have ever seen. My only gripe about it is that the story is somewhat unbelievable. Yet through breath-taking landscapes of this Montana family tale, the movie rises above its flaws and succeeds in dramatic fashion.
Far and Away

That's one of those 90s movies which were the best ones.
It's no special film or something, but just a "standard" great Hollywood movie.
Alone the music by John Williams is enough to get to another world for about 2 hours.

Legends of the Fall
It's a long time I've watched this movie but when I did so it was the saddest movie so far.


DIRECTED BY EDWARD ZWICK 133 MINUTES, RELEASED ON 1994 (limited) 1995 (wider)

There is no exact time when the film takes place, all I can say is that WWI and after. But, the real story is that a girl comes along, who is engaged to Samuel Ludlow, however, his brothers, Tristan and Alfred, are also in love with her. Soon, the brothers go to war, where the fall and sadness of the story begins.

I will not reveal any more of the plot, because if I do, the movie would be spoiled. The movie is arguably the best movie I have seen in a while. Altough the movie movies far to slowly. But, the movie has many redemptions, inlcuding an evolving (yep thats right) performance from Anthony Hopkins.

TLOF is also very violent, theres is 1 part when Tristan takes a heart out of a person, and we get to see the heart. Yes, that is gross.

But of course how could you ignore such a violent, but sometimes touching movie just because it movies too slowly and becomes quiet a gory, violent film?

The fall is legendary.
Awesome Movie. Henry Thomas is a dream.
Does epic-romance very well. Terrific acting and cinematography.