Léon: The Professional
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Léon: The Professional 1994

A professional assassin rescues a young girl whose parents were killed in a police raid...

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Solar rating: 9.4


Imdb rating: 8.6

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The best action movie ever!!!
This is one of those movies that I try to watch at least once a year or so, just so I can remember how epically bad-ass it actually is.
This is in my top 5. Best bad guy in town in Gary Oldman. Best kid actress at the time in Natalie Portman. And the guy that was destined to be cast as Leon, Jean Reno. This movie has one of the best endings I've ever seen. I can't say enough about this movie.
what a pleasure it was to re-watch this after many years, a classic masterpiece, touching, emotional, great cinema and music... Natalie Portman is so cute!
One of those great movies that can be watched over and over.
One of my all time favorites.
A classic, really. Jean Reno is in top form here with a young Natalie Portman.
@ByteMyAss...jean reno was good with deniro in RONIN too.

seen this many a-times and still love it

haha ^^ too tempting, the things I could say to that lol. You've been reading my mind too I see ;)