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this was good as far as remake's go but I sill prefer the original. but this one's good to
@Elfkin yep it is... and i think a pretty great one... i re-watched it and the above title, Let Me In, the other day and still can appreciate both for being genuinely creepy films.
@komlit 'Let the Right One In' was a Swedish film
@maoriswagger Agreed just funny oh UK people think there stuff is always better
Just finished watching the european one and in my opinion it sucked balls lol
@wok75 Yes, it is, I like so much better the european tho... :)
It sure is, and although this one is good, the first is so much better.
Isnt this just a remake of the european title "let the right one in"?
EPIC movie the best ive seen in years 10\10
NO Worries mate I sent you a PM with all information needed to request movies and TV shows properly in the forum. Cheers..