Lie with Me
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Lie with Me 2005

An outgoing, sexually aggressive young woman meets and begins a torrid affair with an equally aggressive young man in which their affair begins to bring a strain on their personal lives...

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WOW!!! This surprised me by the realistic emotions and sex scenes and everyday life.... it was refreshing. I recommend this for any romantic, and the sex scenes though GRAPHIC, done with class. CHEERS!! :)
Duke is fine,,omg- so much happened with so little words.
what a lovely movie, it wasn't just sleazy movie sex it really portrayed real emotion!
WOW!!!..not just a sex flick...the girl that wrote this has guts...and I've seen some of Lauren Lee Smith's other work...nothing like this...she is a very courageous actor...HEAVY FLICK.
A terrific arsty film that I found to be a great "chick-flick", even though it's very sexually explicit! (On the "soft-porn" side).
As another user posted "It's also a very powerful and thought provoking look at the line between animal lust and true love."
it showed us what most people do not want to admit, that we all need that sometime, some relationships can really be that way, the comfort of having someone there but also the reality of not knowing what to do. the insanity you can feel when gaining someone or losing them.
i liked it
Lie with Me (2005)

Sexually explicit is an understatement. Sometimes I like that. This time I did not. I fast-forwarded often. I never got into the film, but don't think I missed much at all.
There is not much here to be had. This is essentially a softcore porn movie that has tried to spice itself up with marketing as an art house film. Dont waste your time, just flip on Cinemax after midnight.
Containing several unsimulated sex scenes, Lie With Me is a very sexually explicit and confronting film. It's also a very powerful and thought provoking look at the line between animal lust and true love. Containing some very honest performances by the two leads; Eric Balfour and Lauren Lee Smith; Lie With Me is not for the faint hearted or the conservative. There are many graphic scenes of various sexual acts as well as gratuitous nudity. If you are able to see the meaning and the artistic intent behind these scenes, you will love this romantic drama. I myself, thought it was a beautiful film which really puts itself out there. My only issue was that I thought there was a little too much sex in the film, and not quite enough dialogue between Balfour and Smith. Other than that, the characters are very real and the story is gritty and honest, and Eric Balfour is ridiculously sexy.