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Oblivion 2013

A veteran assigned to extract Earth's remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself...

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@iwanawatch... Valkyrie and Collateral
Tom Cruise never dies in any of his movies except the last samurai if im wrong please send me a pm about it because I would like to know.
I really liked this movie and the ending really surprised me.
Not a masterpiece, but better than I expected. As a plus, there's Morgan Freeman. Interesting plot, but doesn't accelerate your heartbeat in any way. 8/10
It wasn't terrible but it wasn't breath-taking either... Guess it's just another Hollywood sci-fi that they throw at us hoping it's gonna be good.Interesting plot though an the ending was so mediocre it was unbelievable...
weird. well, it took me 45 minutes to get to a point where I was actually interested in the movie. At about 90 minutes, I realized I didn't care what happened anymore. But I finished and it was fine, I guess. Interesting story. Kinda pointless.
7.5/10 so not bad at all :)
im not that much of a fan of tom cruise's acting but i did enjoy this film.
enjoyable film better than i thought not realy a great fan off scfi but it was a tom cruise film and i am a fan of his and have followed his career.
good movie 8/10