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Predators 2010

A group of elite warriors are hunted by members of a merciless alien race known as Predators...

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@wok75 I have, but it's not really what I meant. AVP gives you a taste, more from an outsiders viewpoint, and that's fine, as far as it goes. I liked AVP, for just that reason alone. But I'm talking about seeing it from a Preds perspective. Dialogue and all. I want to know what they think, not what the writers want us to imagine they are thinking. Even if it's just a 30 minute intro at the beginning of the next movie. Like a couple Preds talking over a camp fire about the next hunt, or a flashback to the Preds home world detailing their history. ;)
@Giesterfarher if u havent yet watch avp u get to see something about the preds culture
Gave this one another spin last night and it's obvious predator films are much better set in the jungle! curious though, would someone put my mind to rest and pm me what the plot hole is? I spotted a couple but wanted to check I'm on the same wave length. Ta :). 8/10
I watched this for the first time last night, and would also like some insight as to why they do what they do. A very cool movie even with the glaring hole. 8.8/10
I've watched this movie several times, and aside from one glaring hole,(I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, but don't want to be gigged for a spoiler) I really can't fault it on any meaningful level.
But I do wish the producers would give us more insight into the Predators culture.
We,the viewing audience, have known about this species now since the late 1980's, and the need for them to remain mysterious, apparently to made them seem scarier, has grown thin. I for one would really like the next installment of this franchise to take us on a trip through the Predators eyes. Let us see and hear what they think about what it is that they do, and the motivations they have for doing it. Especially since we have seen that there are TWO subspecies! They are obviously intelligent, and as we have seen twice now, not with out some semblance of honor.
@cronictigger yanno i had that same concept thought, 'on their own terms', now that you mention it (:
Well I watched it lastnight as well. Came up with a different aspect to the movie. The predators are reenacting the original predator movie, but on their terms.. Gave me a different insight to the film for sure.
With all this chitchat ... i just had to watch it again last night, heheh ... glad i did ... hadnt seen it since it first came out ... and was just as impressive now as it was then :) and now i guess ill have to watch the AVPs :P thanks @cronictigger and @Darthintrepid!!
True on Requiem. It was great for showing the pure carnage of the Xenomorph species in their prime, as well as showing that need for a better defence against things that "COULD" possibly exist. As for Brody's character knowing more about them, and everything happening I agree. He did make great points when they took first camp, but nothing to conclusive that would say he is as intelligent as he leads on. The twist was Topher Grace's character. I think that had him guessing more than us as the audience lol. Although I do still stick to my previous comment in hoping that the next predator movie is a prequel to everything. An origin story that we so desperately need!
Requiem was great, if just to show the raw carnage, and the need for a stronger national defense plan.
The only problem with it being too futuristic, is that Brody's character should have (possibly) known more about them when he saw them. That's the only reason I tend to be conservative on the time frame.
Crab, now I'm getting the urge to boot it up.