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i would have loved to have seen the nc-17 version of this.
watched it then showed it to my family. they loved it so they showed the movie to others. whoever watched this, loved it !
i can only say it's a must watch movie !!
actin is great, the story is really great, and you cant guess what is going on till the end
Best movie of 2013 in my opinion!
A bit creepy & intense but good.
For a movie this long I expected a lot more content as far as acting wise. Movie was still great although production cost were probably very low. Same movie could've been just as good if it was a 2 hour flick. What I liked most was this movie was not predictable but not suspenseful either. All scenarios remained logical ending was more than decent.
I'm glad to see more and more Québecers(french canadian)producers with hollywood stars,sadly no budget here,so to see them in hollywoodian movies make them known.3 great 1 from us in 2013,this 1,delivery man and Dallas buyers club all french canadian producers,to only name some.Hope to see more coming out.
Fantastic, intense thriller. Even despite the long running time it manages to be spellbinding through-out.
This was a good movie. Good solid performances all around I really have to give it credit for that! Honestly though it was a little hard for me to watch and the ending.... yikes.. But if you like thrillers and don't have a problem with watching human cruelty it's a good watch. Can feel a little slow though so don't expect something too action paced.
8/10 great movie, makes you think a lot but in the end that was bad.....
Psychological thriller at his best! you will be glue to your seat to the end and then start thinking about it....