If you're in to child porn, s**t eating, forced sex, incest, torture, murder, sodomy, more forced sex, more s**t eating, lots more forced sex and torture, then this is the movie for you. I watched the whole thing out of curiosity mostly because of the people who said they couldn't watch the whole thing. It's basically about a bunch of sadist men who sit around listening to dirty stories and then acting them out with under aged children. It's child porn passed off as something artistic.
Only 20 minutes in. You didn't see sh!t, I literally mean you didn't see sh!t. Those that have seen the whole film will agree with me on this one. BTW not saying that I didn't find this film nothing more than a piece of torture porn trying to pass itself as some type of film noir. Vile cr@p.
It is so grotesque and ugly that i couldn't watch it more than 20 minutes. I even studied the lives of the director of this movie and the life of the novelist on whose work this film is based on. It seems clearly that both people were mentally drenched. The novelist used to mutilate the call girls for which he was imprisoned. the director loved child abuse.
Those who think the work of mentally sick people is a piece of art should consult a psychiatrist
Wiki says "Because of its scenes depicting intensely graphic violence, sadism, and sexual depravity, the film was extremely controversial upon its release, and remains banned in several countries." Definitely memorable and worth a watch. Very scary and gut-wrenching. Many thanks to the kind folks of Solar for their help in making it freely available.
There's so much more to this film than just the "shock factor". But I suppose watching this particular film for shock is better than watching something shallow like A Serbian Film. :)
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Awesome. This movie is horrible
i don't think it is on the site anymore.. putlocked deleted it!
@zed23, yes I agree with ZED good movie. One for the whole family to watch. Make sure you invite the grandparents over to view it with you.