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Classic sci fi movie. totally awesome.
I felt movie is better then show, mostly silly
Watching it again.
Great flick. For years, I kept saying I would just sit and watch it sometime. Never imagined it would take 5 years to get around to that.
It was worth the wait.
I've been idle and have watched a lot of movies recently.. so maybe all that I have watched recently leaned me toward the 'just ok' review.. I'll check out the series soon though
I think it was definitely intended for fans of the series. It's hard to judge it as an independent film after seeing the series, so fans' opinions may be skewed a little towards it being better than (maybe) it actually is.
It's a great series, though, you should check it out. It's a tale that boggles the mind: good ratings, rabid fanbase, show is cancelled. Joss Whedon either made an enemy, or some producer was banging a studio executive into giving up the air time.
Perhaps it's because I had seen the series (a couple of times) before this movie ever came out, and was invested in the characters... But I find this to be far better than just 'ok'.
To this day the phrase "I am a leaf on the wind" still brings a tear to my eye.
It was ok... Never watched the firefly series however.. regardless, I thought the antagonist from "Four Brothers" was the best actor in this.

I couldn't even get into it..

Yeah, the movie was great. I wish the ship pilot hadn't been killed off, but I suppose it didn't matter since the show never got picked back up.

Still miss it.