Valentine's Day is a pointless holdiay. It is just another one of America's commercial schemes to get more money floating into the economy. So, I decided to watch George Roy Hill's Slap Shot starring Paul Newman.

Slap Shot (Hill, 1977) - ***
A wonderful social commentary as well as comedy. What is it about "guys" thinking they have to be all big and macho? Just earlier today I watched an episode of South Park that studied the same obsession. All the boys, except Kenny, wanted to take shop class, and Kenny wanted to take home ec. I thought this was funny, and then I also remembered that I did the exact same friggin' thing back in 7th or 8th grade. I took a working with children class and learned to change diapers. Anyway, back to Slap Shot...

The film does a great job of showing the stupidity in not being a "pussy." It also shows the obsession of violence in society. At first, people are turned off by the violent actions of this hockey team, but by the end of the film they don't even want to see hockey - just violence. I recommend this to hockey fans, Paul Newman fans, comedy fans, and intelligent peeps!

Oh yeah! Megster ended up getting out of work early last night and coming back to school to see me. All was fair.

I also stole Dewey Nick's Slackers from underneath her bed.


Slackers (Nicks, 2002) - *
I have seen this movie 3 times now, and I despise all but two things about it: 1) Jason Schwartzman, and 2) the musical sequences...

Slackers has three musical parts that make this horrible movie almost watchable...

1) the opening credits - a musical interpretation of The Who's "Baba O'Reilly";
2) the bike riding sequence - it is a surreallistic flashback which uses Blind Melon's "3 is the Magic Number" from the Schoolhouse Rock soundtrack;
3) the BEST part of the movie - the use of Ace of Base's "The Sign";

I recommend this film on DVD if, by some chance, you find a copy of it on the ground or something, but only so you can use the chapter search to find these 3 funny parts.



This was actually a decent little suprise I got while channel surfing today.

Much in the same way I stumbled across Bring it On I found Slackers by complete and total accident.

When I saw the trailer in theaters I shrugged it off as another "New and Young Hollywood" piece of trash and while I admit it does contain some of that, it pulled off a win in my book.

A group of three slackers who have cheated their way through college are in jeopardy of not graduating when a psychotic stalker with people issues discovers their secret after one of them accidently divulges it to the girl his eyes are on. Threatening to expose them and have them expelled, the trio is blackmailed into helping the guy land the girl he is lusting after. The only problem is that the leader of the pack has fallen in love with her in the process.

Jason Schwartzman from Rushmore plays the villian "Cool Ethan" with great energy and his performance, for a large part carries the film. Between collecting fallen hairs from Angela, the girl he is stalking to make his hair doll and treating everyone around him like dirt, Schwartzman is hilarious. At one point he is sniffing the hair doll with Angela's panties over his head in his little stalker Shrine while pouring hot wax in his hand and jerking off while he imagines him hurting her in some twisted fantasy is a riot!

The unexpected slapstick humor is outstanding here and the love story actually genuine. While some hints of teen-movie cheese do pop in on occasion, they are spaced far enough apart so as to prevent them from ruining it.

Don't expect a lot from this one beyond several good laughs. Well worth a few hours, I recommend it to anyone!

Alright, I've said my piece, now commence throwing your stones! :rotten:
:) I really loved this movie i laughed so much.It's one of those movies that are stupid but very funny.You should see this movie it's hilarious. :)
Poorly made, not very funny at all. Badly edited. The cast is very bland, sad to see Mamie Van Doren and Leigh Taylor Young stoop so low. The film has no enthusiasm and seems like random scenes thrown together. A real mess.
Here's some film ratings.
just plane dumb
I don't understand why this movie has such a bad rep. Many people haven't even heard of it and yet there are so many hilarious parts in it. Jason Segel and Jason Schwartzman are hilarious in this and that "Three is The Magic Number" montage is priceless!
Slackers was a very dumb movie with a couple of funny scenes and a very funny Jason Schwartzman that make this movie just watchable. I think it gets a very bad reputation because I have seen it on a worst 100 movies countdown, but its really just another of the many bad teenage comedy flicks. If not for a couple of laughs provided by a young Jason Segel and a hilarious all the way through Schwartzman, this movie would have been awful. The main character of this movie is very unlikeable and someone I did not like to see in the end succeed and get the girl of his dreams. Their was no emotion for any of these characters and that is why the movie was mainly so bad. Also, very little story and too many gross out gags were other reasons. Overall, you know what you are going to get when you pick up Slackers.