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Good entertaining flick, Liam Neeson is a great actor but don't expect the quality of acting that we seen in Schindler's List!
This is a action pack easy saturday night quick pick at the video shop sort of movie, full of hollywood clichés regarding people and lifestyle different from american values, but having say that, great fight scenes, fast pace and yes Mr Nesson play strong and with style! 5.5/10
Good movie. Wem have some notion of what the sex trade is about. Very sicking fact that it is happening right now as I'm typing this. I like the fighting scenes
The storyline for this film is brilliant. The writing is superb. Take a bow screenplay writer, whoever you are. This flick truly epitomizes a great THRILLER. You're on the edge of your seat, you're rooting for the good guy, you're screaming at the bad guys, you're biting your nails. Liam Neeson is such a versatile actor; dramas, action, thrillers- he shines! He was just as good in this as he was in Schindler's List and K-19 the Widowmaker, equally amazing films. In my opinion, Taken 2 is nowhere near as good as this first one. If you haven't seen this one yet, you should.

I never thought its gonna be as good as it is.


Love this movie and cannot wait to see Taken 2 :)

one of the best movies of all times in my opinion. Liam Neeson plays his roll in this movie so dang well! 10/10 for sure

Was a Great Movie.

really good movie..suspense all the way

Great Movie :)

good movie